The child's childhood is full of

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The child's childhood is full of laughter and laughter Newport Cigarettes. The hero of the story, Ju Duo Xing, is no exception. When I opened the book, I also walked into his "naughty" childhood with Zbook writes the strange ideas of each child's childhood, and the strange tricks of the whimsy and the distress of each child's childhood, to make children's fun. We have to learn manod is wonderful; childhood is dreamy; childhood is wonderful; childhood is... "Naughty Day" records everyone's childhood, and hopes that everyone has an unborn childlike heart!I understand a lot, I understand the stars of the stars' childhood fantasy, their successful feelhe stage of his dreams. His success was also practiced again and again. His success was born under tears and sweat. My dream is also destined to be inseparable from sweat and tears, my strong food, is in line with the natural law of big fish eating small fish, small fish eating shrimp skin, people do not hesitate to compete with each other, get noble work and career. Whmous detective, like Holmes. I am a potential detective. I will crack all kinds of difficult cases, find out the results from one detail, and push peace to the world. My dream, Chinese cientist who made the moon, Mars... into our home. I will develop a variety of artificial organs. When something goes wrong, I put on a new part just like assembling a bicycle Marlboro Red, which makes people live a hundred years old. My dream, Chinese dnds of puzzles to be solved, waiting for thousands of future people to solve them. In the future, I will be an excellent archaeologist. I will discover all kinds of strange phenomena, let the truth be in my hands, let the answers be made public, and let them roam in the wonderful ancientut, an outstanding cartoonist... In short, I will use my dreams to light up success and let my success start my wonderful life! My dream, Chinese dream!There are many unforgettable things in my summer vacation, and the most memorable thing is thatplace to play with my friends. He said that we are going to play a throwing ball game together. Said, he is preparing to take out the table tennis with him. We are very happy to play together. Suddenly, when I threw the ball, I accidentally threw the ball elsewhere. He asked me to come back. I couldn��t find it anywhere else. I thought I was thrown it somewhere far away. If it was, it would be awful. At this time, he came over and asked to find it. No? I replied that I have not found it yet. Why haven't you found it yet Marlboro Lights, you won't lose it, of course not, but you haven't found it yet. If you haven't fou Suddenly, I found a ball-like thing not far from me. I ran over and saw that I was looking for a long time table tennis Newport 100S. I finally found it. I am screaming with joy. I quickly took the ball to my friend, and he was happy when he saw the scene Cheap Cigarettes. We finally reconciled.

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