Rather than saying that Lin Daiyu

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Rather than saying that Lin Daiyu��s status in Jiafu and his birth are the cause of tragedy, it is better to use the feudal group headed by Yuanchun to ruthlessly kill the love between Baoyu and Daiyu. If the Dream of Red Mansions is really a description of Cao Xueqin��s personal experience, then I can feel the pain of a man who lost his love. The fire of hell is burning around, miserable, and my thoughts are still standing. This is not the pain of skin, but the love of skin. When the blood and tears of Cao Gong turned to face the history of the unbearable look back, how can we not say "full of paper absurd words, a bitter tears" sigh! reading, and I can't help but hear what "Lan Gui Qi Fang" said. Do the characters like Xue Baozhen have to bury their lives in this cold garden like Li Wei? In the face of a man who does not love himself at all, what is the need for him? In fact Cigarettes Cheaper, I don��t have to ask if I know Newport Cigarettes Website, it��s the throne of the second grandmother. But I can't help but ask, is there really a woman who likes to be alone in the world? I always think she is a cold and selfish person. But now, I couldn't help but sympathize with her. What she needs most is not the irrigation of love, but freedom! Xue Baozhen is rich in family and has read poetry since childhood. Accepting a very comprehensive and orthodox education. Jiamu always praised her for being "quiet and generous Wholesale Cigarettes." That's right, this is the way she was educated since she was a child, and the virtue that ancient women should have. Even sorrow and joy should not be shaped in color, otherwise it is "disrespect." Throughout the book, her manners have almost never exceeded these constraints Cigarettes For Sale. Only once Baoyu made her angry than Yang Hao, but she was only cold and ironic in one sentence. In fact, she is the most sad person, and she is dominated by the opinions and education of others. I never know what I want, I am not happy or unhappy, just follow the path that I take for granted. I have never hashe is educated to think that women's reading is useless. Xiang Ling and Xiang Yun talk about poetry. She said, "A girl's family, just holding a poem for serious things, let the learned people listen, anti "The joke says that she doesn't keep her duty"; she is also familiar with drama and drama, but she thinks that these obscenity words can't be known to the dignified lady, so she euphemistically criticizes the ancient poems of Baoqin; she hopes to be beautiful like anyone else. Life, but when the mother married her to the foolish jade for the power of Jiafu, because the mother told her that she had already accepted it, she only accepted it with tears. Until the end of the Baoyu monk, her tragedy reached its climax. Even at this time, she still cannot be attributed to her nature. Mrs. Wang said, "When you look at Baodi, you cry Cigarette Online, he doesn't leave, but he tries to persuade me. This is really rare!" Think of Boao as such a character, so young, think of yourselccidental accumulation. What we are pursuing is not necessarily what we can really get. Therefore, Su Dongpo��s attitude of ��staying in the rain and rain�� is really worthy of our serious thinking

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