" Ten thousand are reluctant,

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" Ten thousand are reluctant, after all, we have been in the same class Marlboro Red 100S, although sometimes quarreling, but we are happy..." This is my original - 10,000 reluctant: class version. It is being brewed. The purpose of my song is to recall the memories of my six years of dear classmates. Sometimes I am thinking: "Is there still a happy time in our elementary school?" I answered silently again and again: No! Anyway, junior high school is a different thing! Some of the second, some of the previous ones, some of the upper seven, some of the tenth... I ask: Who will remember the naive things and the seemingly iron partners of the primary school after growing up? ! When we grow up Marlboro Cigarettes Online, we... who will know who? ! Still half cond class. However, since the second half of the fifth grade, I dare not choose it because the squad leader has only 5 votes. I know The students are all because of my various reasons: overbearing, love bullying, playing cool, regardless of other people's feelings and other shortcomings, so that others do not choose me! So from then on, after that, every time I ran for the cadre campaign, no matter what profession I dare not stand up for the election, because I am afraid that no one chooses me, it is very embarrassing! My current basketball can be said to be verygood, but it is still a little bit worse than Tana Boyang ausage is still quiet. Every time he organizes us to go out to play! I didn't know manery important person! Colorful! This is the name I gave her. She is a very beautiful, very humorous and very athletic female teacher. I want to thank her deeply. Without her, I would not love basketball so much, and basketball would not. So good, and I have taught all of what she has learned to us unselfishly, and accompanying us early and late to return home every day? ! Of course, my basketball team captain must have a name corresponding to the coach! That is - always spring!As soon as I heard it, I couldn��t help but shock! Suddenly, my mind filled with countless thoughts: horror, gratitude, shame... I stayed for a while, only one thought in my heart, to find the old professor, the only listener, my life is unforgettable Professor. In the moment, I rushed out of the house and ran away Marlboro Cigarettes. The breeze blew my face gently, and the words of encouragement reverberated in the ear: "It's really good, my heart has already felt it. Thank you, boy." Yeah, it is this sentence that makes me re-enact the violin. Have confidence. In the middle of it, I went to the 12th building, the white walls, the simple door, I don��t know which is the old woman��s house, so I knocked at the door. Later, I learned that the old woman had already moved away yesterday... I don��t know why, my heart is filled with a sour feeling, teardrops are like broken beads, and they are constantly falling down..." Really good, my heart has already felt. Thank you young man." That sentence echoed in my ears for a long time! That day Cigarettes For Sale, I ran to the grove again, sitting on the grass and soaking in tears. My clothes... I recalled a painting that gave me the "single audience" to play the violin. The kind smile and calm eyes were deeply imprinted on my heart! So far, that sentence, that look, that is the memory that can never be erased Cigarettes Cheaper.

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