Everyone has a star in their hearts

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Everyone has a star in their hearts, the ideal is the brightest and most shining star. And my star is trying to be an astronaut.tronauts are a hard and great profession, and they have to undergo a lot of physical training to resist the pressure of the sky. Not long ago, I saw the broadcast of "Shenzhou 10" on TV, and I was proud of the development of the motherland Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. So, my heart sprouted a thought of becoming an astronaut, I am very embarrassed and yearning.oal is to explore the universe and travel the sky. I want to know if there are other creatures in outer space? Is there a planet suitable for human habitation? How big is the universe?
deal is to struggle, and always strive for the ideal. Exercise physical fitness, boldness and carefulness are the greatest wealth in life. Be diligent in learning, boldly imagine, and dare to think. is the street lamp of life and a firm direction. I want to fight for the goal and advance toward the idealcess, use our hands to createI am very honored to be in Lihua Middle School, because it is isolated from the world, away from the hustle and pollution of the city, and has created a civilized dormitory and a green ecological campus. I am proud of being on such a campus Newport Cigarettes Price.Happy temple of civilized dormitoryhe day is in the morning." The window opens in the morning, and the soft sun slowly descends on the comfortable land. The small trees outside the window are getting stronger and stronger Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, the leaves are getting greener; the unknown grass grows a lot higher; the birds and pigeons pass through the sky Cigarettes For Sale, and my sleeping heart seems to be baptized by the spring rain at this moment. General, good and up. A new day has begun. As a student living, the most important thing after getting up every day is cleaning Marlboro Cigarettes. Speaking of hygiene, our dormitory is a lever. Every day, each person performs his or her duties, and completes the assigned tasks with the fastest speed, the shortest time, and the most skillful movements, and finally checks personal hygiene. Therefore, the health of our dormitory is often praised by the aunts of the dormitory.

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