At school, the happiest time of day

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At school, the happiest time of day is at the time of the dormitory. Because our souls can be released there, our tight nerves can be soothed, and our laughter and laughter can bloom. In the dorm room, we talk about interesting things together, the most important thing is to have fun.ing big show", this interesting game still makes me remember. I remember that several people in the dormitory played the Queen, Little Swallow, Ziwei, Rong Rong in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge". The role I played was the Empress of the Clouds. The scene of "variety" is the pitiful scene in which Ziwei is allowed to be pinned.opening of the good show, Rong Rong holding a "fine needle" (0.7 lead), sneered into the face of the "Ziwei" in front of the "Ziwei" Marlboro Cigarettes, I saw her raise her arm, squatting toward the Ziwei Go on. At this point, the two soundtracks next to the singer "When", Ziwei painful voice called: "This year, the ring is not good! Rao me, Rong Rong!" Finished Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Xiaoyanzi (Small rain decoration) broke into the door and came to us with imposing manner. I quickly hid behind Rong Rong and retreated to the corner. Forced to helpless, we "hit" up: You pull my clothes corner, I pull your trouser legs; you grab my hair, I lick your little cockroach. Finally, everyone's hair is completely scattered, and the clothes are not wrinkled. I looked at each other and laughed. There are a lot of "variable" nights like this, they spend a tired day with me. campus lifere are not many other things on campus, just a lot of trees. You see, walking into the campus, the scent of eucalyptus flowers is faintly fragrant. There are several thick willow trees on both sides of the road Carton Of Cigarettes. Their large canopy has become a big landscape of the campus: the dense green willow collection Together, look from afar, like a huge green umbrella. Entering the door and turning right, several rows of straight poplar trees stand in front of them. The thick and whitish trunks are straight from the thick to the thin, and a cluster of small green leaves emerges when they reach the height of 3 meters. Looking up, those leaves are getting denser, bigger and greener. Further up, the trunk becomes very thin, as if a gust of wind can cut it. However, don't underestimate it, its vitality is tenacious, and it has helped us a lot. Things are like this:ent days, smog has been very serious, and it has often joined hands with Huangsha. The blue sky then became clouded. Oh, no, even the dark clouds are invisible. Looking through the window, I saw the rubbish on the ground fluttering in the wind Marlboro Gold Pack, the raging sand and dust screaming and roaring, everything in the distance could not be seen clearly. The sky of orange is also heavy and heavy. The yellow sand is mixed with rubbish and stones, and ruthlessly destroys everything. Cold and clear outside, dead silence. The class is also very depressed, and there is no trace of vitality. At this time Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the poplar tree swaying outside the window became the most beautiful landscape: how brave, how brave it is, resisting the darkness, not bowing, not admitting defeat, tenacious struggle; the wind slaps its weak body and never gives up The belief supported it bending down and straightening its back. You see, it's like a tumbler! The "big hero" that can never be hit. They have blocked us from storms and sandstones for decades, even centuries. This has created the green ecological campus today.

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