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STATESBORO, Ga. -- Chris DeLaRosa and RJ Murray teamed for stout defense in the final 90 seconds with a sack and a blocked field goal as Georgia Southern held on for a 23-21 victory over Louisiana-Monroe Saturday night.After falling behind by two scores, Georgia Southern (3-0) reeled off 23 straight points to go up 23-14 early in the fourth quarter. But the Warhawks (1-2) rallied to within 23-21 on a 10-yard scoring pass from Garrett Smith to Marcus Green with 10:12 left to play. Louisiana-Monroe was driving for a potential go-ahead score when DeLaRosa dropped Smith for a loss of 10 yards and Murray made a leaping, one-handed block of the ensuing 41-yard field goal attempt with 1:16 to play.Georgia Southern gained 345 yards rushing and held the ball for 41:37. Younghoe Koo kicked three field goals.Smiths first TD pass broke Georgia Southerns streak of 155 minutes without allowing a TD, dating back to 2015. Zaire Franklin Stitched Jersey .com) - The Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks both take aim at their first wins of the season on Saturday, as the Canucks open their home slate at Rogers Arena. Black Colts Jerseys . By having more great seasons. Manning was the only unanimous choice for the 2013 Associated Press NFL All-Pro team Friday. http://www.officialcoltsnflauthenticshop.com/tyquan-lewis-stitched-jersey/ . Then the Pacers gave Oladipo and his Orlando teammates the cold shoulder. Paul Georges buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter spurred a 21-4 run, finally sending Indiana past the Magic 97-87 in a tougher-than-expected opening night matchup. Camo Colts Jerseys . With their top three point guards and Kobe Bryant all sidelined by injury, the Lakers signed Marshall out of the D-League on Friday before their home game against Minnesota. Braden Smith Stitched Jersey . Neymar curled home a free kick from just outside the area to put the 2014 World Cup host ahead in the 44th minute. Three minutes after the break, a simple through pass from Paulinho freed Oscar and the Chelsea star rounded goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong to extend Brazils lead. In 2004, I had my own fantasy sports website, TalentedMrRoto.com. It was only the worst URL in history, as I knew nothing about the internet, SEO, or any of the tricks that are now commonplace. All I had was a nickname I had taken 30 seconds to think of five years before, and, because it was so terrible, that URL was obviously available.The site launched in the spring of 2004, somehow people found us and we were eventually acquired by ESPN in early 2007, bringing myself and many others along with it to the Worldwide Leader. I bring this up because among my favorite things about the site was our daily email newsletter, which we called The TRUM. It stood for Thoughts, ramblings, useless info and musings, and it was a well titled -- a nightly brain dump of whatever was on my mind. Later, others on the site contributed to it as well. It was, to the best of my knowledge (though I could easily be wrong on this), the first true blog about fantasy sports. During baseball and basketball season, it was often me just riffing through the box scores, with quick-hit one-liners about what I noticed. During football, it would be about practice reports, news, the games. And sometimes it would just be whatever was on my mind, random pop-culture musings or things that were going on in my life. Ive used the format here occasionally on ESPN, and I miss the loose, nightly format of it terribly. Sadly, time and other responsibilities, both at work and at home, have taken precedence, and I havent done a TRUM in years.But I was thinking of it recently because Im moving. Well, we all are moving. The fantasy staff is picking up from where weve sat since 2008 and settling down a few hundred feet away in a different building on the ESPN campus. So, Ive gotta pack up all my stuff and get it to a new place by Friday. Ive spent the free time I have had this week going through everything in my office. Ive been in this same office for more than eight years now, and I am a pack rat, so this is no small feat.Throwing stuff away, at least for me, is never fun. Looking at it with a keen eye, making tough choices, deciding what to keep and what to lose is not easy, whether its an old shirt or Jeremy Maclin. Seriously, Maclin is killing me.But, its also necessary. We dont learn for the future without combing through the past. I am sad to leave my office. I am nervous about the new one, which is in a building much farther away from the TV studios than I am used to. Change is uncomfortable for some and I am certainly in that camp. But, Im hoping for the best.In the three years I did the nightly TRUM, the most popular one I ever did was one where, on a summer night when there wasnt much going on in the sports world, I just listed everything on my desk. That was it. The whole thing. It makes me smile just to think of the total ridiculousness and inanity of that. And yet, people really liked it. Maybe it was the unexpected nature of it, maybe it was the simplicity and randomness of it, maybe everyone was just in the right mood that night, but it worked.But I thought about that TRUM as I started going through everything in my office, some of which hadnt been unpacked since I had moved in. In no particular order, heres what I found as I started cleaning and packing.A small blue rubber football with a Houston Oilers logo; a Redskins wall clock; a Chick Hearn bobblehead; three posters/pictures of the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast, plus a gift box of the entire series on DVD that was sent to me as a present.I also found my notes that I made before doing a two-part, three-hour appearance on The B.S. Report where Bill Simmons and I talked about Beverly Hills, 90210 on Sept. 2, 2010 (9/02/10). Among actual things I have written on three (three!) pieces of paper: Davids caffeine pills to stay up on radio ... Emily Valentine has a passion for marine biology ... Andrea loses her virginity to her college professor ... Kellys cult ... Valerie gets a tattoo ... KEG House ... Shirtless Steve Sanders ... 60s episode ... Brandons bookie Duke ... DShawn Hardell ... Donna cheating discovery and Color Me Badd ... Dylans coma is a battle for his soul.I have lots of mementos from the podcast, including a stack of Mans League entries from 2008 that were stuck in a folder in the back of a drawer. There are two Hard Justice gavels, plus a Star Wars Trapper Keeper that got sent in after a discussion about it on the podcast. An Aquaman action figure, an autographed calendar by the 2011 San Diego Chargers cheerleading squad, an autographed poster from the Blue Angels and an autographed photo of Michael Turner, the former Falcons running back who became a running point of discussion one year.Pictures sent in by fans, including a steak place offering the Talented Mr. Ribeye, a truck with Nate is a Weasel printed on it, a T-shirt for the Omaha Beef indoor pro football team, a T-shirt with Jim Parsons face on it, a T-shirt with a bunch of phrases and jokes from podcast lore, plus a photo of two goats, one named Matthew and the other named Nate. Eight photos of my wife and kids, my parents, my brother and sister in law. A photo of the cast of Fantasy Football Now taken at the end of last year. A picture of myself and my ex-wifes late father, Joe Bendavid. And six pieces of artwork drawn by my kids over the years, mostly hearts, the word Dad and stick figures that dont have much hair. From the I thought I had lost that department, I happened upon a baseball my kid finger-painted; a copy of my first contract; Van Halens greatest hits; Mr. Rotos Mailbag, which was a prop used in an ESPN Fantasy Baseball commercial; and in the back of another drawer, I found a bunch of pictures of myself and my college roommate, Chris Lindsay, on the set of the sitcom we did for the student TV station while we were students at Syracuse University. While Ive gained weight and lost hair, its nice to know my style sense is still as terrible now as it was then. Yeesh.Lots of research stuff, including a bunch of Bill James books from my time doing baseball, videotapes of me when I first started so I could watch and try to improve, including a DVD of the Oct. 26, 2006, episode of The Fantasy Show, starring Ron Jaworski, which was the first thing I ever did for ESPN, being the fantasy guy to Jaws Xs and Os. There were tapes from ESPNEWS, Cold Pizza and, for some reason, a DVD of an episode of The O.C. merely labeled December 20th. Marissa Cooper, we still miss you.One copy of every ESPN Fantasy Magazine I have worked on. The cover guys, in order: 2007, Steven Jackson, Rams; 2008, Adrian Peterson, Vikings; 2009, Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals; 2010, Chris Johnson, Titans; 2011, no mag due to potential NFL lockout; 2012, Arian Foster (and a unicorn), Texans; 2013, Colin Kaepernick, 49ers; 2014, LeSean McCoy, Eagles; 2015, Odell Beckham Jr., Giants; and 2016, Antonio Brown, Steelers.Lots of stuff from my past decade at ESPN: a box full of old ESPN Fantasy swag, including T-shirts and jackets; three figurines of me from various promotions; a poster of Eric Karabell and myself as soap opera stars for the Endless Drama fantasy baseball campaign we did in 2007; my ESPN War Room league trophy; 17 ESPN pens; six notepads; three tubes of hand sanitizer; two umbrellas; and one water bottle. An ESPN style guide and glossary of commonly used TV terms, a mini helmet promoting Monday Night Football and a tote bag for Fantasy Insiders, a show I did for one year in 2008 with Merrill Hoge and Howie Stump the Schwab. Random stuff that somehow found their way in: a can of tennis balls, two softballs, a Darth Vader Pez dispenser, a Star Wars comic book cover graphic, a first-aid kit, Redskins cufflinks, two gift bottles of wine, a gazillion business cards, a Matthew Berry for Congress bumper sticker (it was a different guy who ran), a 90210 baseball hat, a Cold Pizza hat, and a hat for Fantasy Focus. Two (two!) player cards of Leonard Hankerson, including one that is signed. A CD of my friend John Cregans defunct band Dynamite Fraulein, a box of golf balls (I dont play), a Blackberry charger (from 2008), one of Field Yates shoes, a wooden Bartolo Colon figurine, a small box with cassette tapes, including Mojo Nixon and Skip Ropers underrated masterpiece BO-DAY-SHUS!!! and, of course, the Bar Mitzvah picture of my former co-host Nate Ravitz, which I always meant to do something with and never did.Theres typical stuff that is on the desk of anyone that appears in front of the public. A handful of letters of people asking for a signature on a baseball card. (In 2012, Allen & Ginter put me on a baseball card. They rightfully go very cheaply on eBay.) Some recent resumes, business proposals, promotional items for start-up businesses and review copies of books from publishers hoping for promotion. Among the books from my friends that I have in here that Im happy to promote are Home by Harlan Coben, Fast Food Maniac by Jon Hein, This is Why Youre Single by Laura Lane and Angela Spera, The House Advantage by Jeff Ma and, of course, theres both a hardcover and paperback version of Fantasy Life in here.Lots of suits, shirts, ties, pocket squares, a lint roller, ear pieces, cuff links and an electric razor are all here so that I am ready to be on TV, both when its schedule or at a moments notice, when a big player suddenly gets traded, hurt or finds himself in the news. Way too many wires and chargers, a wireless speaker. And on the wall are framed animation cells of Hong Kong Phooey, Blue Falcon and Dyno-Mutt, and a Curious George print, all childhood favorites. Some ego stuff: a framed copy of my book cover and the NY Times the day it hit the list, a magazine feature story on me, some awards, etc, etc. A?couple of photo-booth strips my kids took of themselves last summer, and the famous Dont Suck Today sign from the podcast. Sometimes I pay attention to that sign. Sometimes I dont. Lets see which way this week is gonna be, shall we?Quarterbacks I love in Week 10Tom Brady, Patriots: Putting this obvious name here because I am one of only two people to have him at No. 1. I think people see Seattle and get worried, but I keep trying to tell people they arent Seattle these days. I said it last week when Tyrod Taylor was on the love list (won me a board bet with Field) and Im saying it again. Yes, the Seahawks are expected to get Kam Chancellor back this week, but still, theres no Michael Bennett to pressure Brady and the Seahawks are 25th against the pass the past four weeks. Brady is playing at home, off a bye, I repeat, at home, off a bye. He has had just one home game this season, but he dusted the Bengals for 376 yards and three scores in that one. I cant imagine theres anyone youre starting over Tom Brady at home off a bye this week. My No. 1 player and worth the price in daily.Andy Dalton, Bengals: When not under pressure this season, Dalton is completing better than 70 percent of his throws and has a 7-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. The Giants, of course, are tied for the fewest sacks in the NFL. They are 28th against the pass the past four weeks and as youll see in a second, I expect this game to be a shootout (QBs are attempting a league-high 44.2 passes against the G-Men). Dalton is a solid top-10 play for this week.Eli Manning, Giants: Money at home this season, the Big E (as only I call him) is averaging 344 passing yards in four home games. Similar to the Giants defense, the Bengals are tough against the run, but struggle in pass defense, as only one team averages more passing yards allowed per play over the past four weeks. The Bengals are giving up more than 21 fantasy points per game to opposing QBs in their past four games, and have allowed at least 17 fantasy points in each game from Week 5 on.Carson Palmer, Cardinals: You had me at San Francisco. Yes, theres a fear that David Johnson just rushes for six touchdowns in the first half and we have to call it a day, but I am expecting enough passing from Palmer here to make him worthy of being a top-10 starter. Off the bye, Palmer and the Cards have had two weeks to get ready for a Niners team that has allowed multiple passing touchdowns in every game this season except Week 1 against Case Keenum.Others receiving votes: Joe Flacco has just two 300-yard games this season, but one of them was against the same Browns hell face Thursday night. At home (where Flacco plays better) against Cleveland (traveling on a short week), I like his chances for another. ... Dont laugh, but Jay Cutler (yes, Jay Cutler) has a great matchup with a Tampa Bay defense that has coughed up multiple passing touchdowns in six of eight games this season and 857 passing yards and eight passing touchdowns in just the past two games. It wont be pretty, but expect Cutler to have a solid fantasy day Sunday. ... Carson Wentz has been struggling for a while, but no team in the NFL gives up more fantasy points to opposing QBs than the Atlanta Falcons, in part because so many teams have to get into shootouts with them, as their offense keeps scoring. I expect the same this weekend, making Wentz a legit QB2 consideration.Quarterbacks I hate in Week 10Kirk Cousins, Redskins: He has been red-hot recently and getting Jordan Reed back has only helped that. And I actually think Kirk is OK here, as the Vikings defense has started to show some leaks, but hell still be much lower than he typically is, which is why he makes the hate list. Even with the Vikes struggles, they are still third against the pass the past four weeks and have given up multiple passing touchdowns just once in their past seven games. In general, I tend to like QBs at home off the bye and overall, I believe in Cousins as a top-10 fantasy QB. But not this week, since the Vikings have not allowed more than 16 points to an opposing QB in a game this season.Blake Bortles, Jaguars: I know, I know. While it has been ugly, he actually has been great fantasy-wise the past two weeks, averaging 25 fantasy points a game. That ends this week, as the Texans come off their bye having allowed multiple passing touchdowns just once this season and the fourth-fewest fantasy points per game versus QBs overall. Prior to the bye, they held Matthew Stafford to just 13 points, so I expect the Jags to go run-heavy here.Brock Osweiler, Texans: In case you saw Jacksonville on the schedule and were thinking of getting cute with him as a streamer ... dont. I do think DeAndre Hopkins has a bounce-back game here, but ultimately the weakness of the Jaguars defense is in the running game (25th versus the run the past four weeks), whille they are actually solid in the passing game (11th in the same time frame).dddddddddddd. Since their bye in Week 5, the Jaguars have given up just four touchdown passes in four games. There are better bye-week streamers.Running backs I love in Week 10Terrance West, Ravens: Dude has been brutal recently (just 31 rushing yards total in his past two games), but this is a get-right game against the Browns. Cleveland has allowed 577 rushing yards and seven -- count em, seven -- rushing touchdowns to opposing running backs in just the past three weeks. Expect a heavy workload, and a successful one, from West on Thursday night. Hes a top-10 play for me.Jordan Howard, Bears: He was good, then he was bad, then he faced the Vikings and was on peoples benches (or the waiver wire) and he ... exploded? Yes, yes he did. Off the bye, Howard is expected to get all-pro guard Josh Sitton (a very good run blocker) back this week, which will only help, although he may not need it. The Bucs have allowed opposing running backs to gain more than 110 yards rushing OR run for a score in seven straight games now, ultimately giving up the seventh-most fantasy points per game to opposing running backs. Howard, who has been largely productive when getting the ball this season (5.3 yards per touch) should enjoy another big day. I have him inside my top 12 for the week.LeGarrette Blount, Patriots: While we wait to see if Dion Lewis will be active and playing in this game (and we will see how much work he takes from James White), we know Blounts role is safe and I am putting him here because, again, Seattle is not a defense to worry about these days. The Seahawks are 18th against the run the past four weeks and I fully expect Blount to get into the end zone in this game. Dont get cute. Blount is locked in as a top-12 play this week.Others receiving votes: I can imagine people are probably still nervous about starting Mark Ingram given Tim Hightowers usage and with Denver on the schedule, but I dont know how many times I have to say it: you can run on Denver. Only two teams in the NFL - two! -- have allowed more rushing yards per game the past four weeks than the Broncos, and Derek Wolfes injury only hurts their run defense more. Expect a successful workload for Ingram this week. ... In his first game under new Jaguars offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, Chris Ivory touched the ball on 56 percent of his snaps on the way to 18 carries for 107 yards with a touchdown ... OK, at least, I thought it was a touchdown. The refs didnt, but no matter, as Ivory should see another heavy workload against a Texans team giving up the fifth-most yards per carry (5.05) the past four weeks. ... Doug Pederson finally admitted what we have all known for a while, that Darren Sproles is his leading running back. Only Melvin Gordon has played more snaps among running backs the past two weeks and I like him Sunday against a Falcons team that has given up the second-most receptions to opposing running backs. ... If you are desperate for running backs, Jay Gruden came out this week and said this week that Robert Kelley would get the majority of work in the Washington backfield. Now, the Redskins are missing Trent Williams and they are facing the Vikings, so, you know, not ideal, but Minnesota is actually 19th against the run the past four weeks and Kelley is a tough runner I like a lot. Hes very flex-worthy this week, as is Vikings RB Matt Asiata. He is in a bit of a three-headed time-share, but hes the best bet for a score, as no team has allowed more rushing touchdowns per game than the Washington Redskins.Running backs I hate in Week 10Todd Gurley, Rams: Remember when the only question about Gurley was whether hed be healthy? If you own him, you know how frustrating hes been, and I dont see it getting a lot better Sunday, as the Jets allow the fourth-fewest yards per carry this season and have yet to allow a RB rushing touchdown at home. Rashad Jennings and Jerick McKinnon are the only two running backs (out of 42 qualifiers) with a lower yards-per-carry mark than Gurleys 3.09. You probably have no other choice than to keep rolling him out there and hope he lands in the end zone or gets enough volume (which he likely will), but once again hes outside my top 15.Christine Michael, Seahawks: Lost in the controversy about the end of the first half fiasco on Monday night, or discussions on how great Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham looked, was the fact that C.J. Prosise played more snaps than Michael. Now, Seattle was trailing or in shootout mode for a lot of that game, which is not typical, but still. Michael is averaging just 3.2 yards per carry during his past five games and has received just 15 of the Seahawks 29 rushing attempts in the past two weeks. Pete Carroll has said they will continue to feature Prosise a lot this week, and the Patriots have allowed just one RB rushing touchdown at home this year.Isaiah Crowell, Browns: Its always dangerous to put a Thursday night player in the column, because when the call goes the other way and many people read this column on Friday, well, it doesnt look great. The only thing I hate more than that aspect of writing this column is players on the away team on Thursday night. There are always exceptions, but in general, I dont love guys having to travel on a short week, especially when the Ravens allow the fewest yards after first contact per carry in the NFL. Crowell has run for fewer than 30 yards in four of the past five games and I can see another pedestrian effort Thursday night, as Baltimore has held opposing running backs to eight or fewer points in five of its past six games, including shutting down LeVeon Bell last week. Crowell is a touchdown-dependent flex play this week, outside my top 20.Doug Martin, Buccaneers: You should have heard the scream of joy when I saw our NFL Nation Bucs reporter Jenna Laines tweet (and then story with video!) about Doug Martin returning to practice on Wednesday. I was very happy, as I have Martin in two of my more important leagues. And due to bye weeks and injuries, I have to start him in both leagues this week. But even assuming he is active Sunday, I dont love his chances of a big week. Podcast fans know this because I have been talking about them for a while, but very quietly, the Bears have a terrific run defense. That front seven is no joke and they allow the third-fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs, with just one RB touchdown allowed in the past five weeks. Now, Martin is crazy talented, but in his first game back facing a team that is third against the run and has the fourth-best scoring defense during the past month, you need volume from Martin, and off the injury, I am not convinced you get it. Just lower expectations for him. But hey! Welcome back!Wide receivers I love in Week 10Alshon Jeffery, Bears: No one, and that includes Kristin Cavallari, is happier to see Jay Cutler than Jeffery. Jeffery accounts for more than 56 percent of the wide receiver points from Cutler this season, so it often seems as if Jay only has eyes for Alshon. In a matchup against the Bucs, who have given up at least 28 points to wideouts in six of eight games this season (Tampa is 30th versus the pass the past four weeks), Jeffery is sure to have a high target floor (he has at least nine targets in three straight) and should get a majority of the WR fantasy points scored in this one, making him an easy top-10 play for me this week.Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers: Benjamin is tied with Mike Evans and A.J. Green for the most games with 70-plus receiving yards this season (six). I like Benjamin to have a big game, as I expect him to see a decent amount of Phillip Gaines, a matchup he can win (Marcus Peters stays on one side). The Chiefs have allowed nine touchdowns to opposing wideouts in just the past five games, including at least one in every game since their bye. Theyll allow at least one on Sunday and I say its Benjamin that gets it.DeAndre Hopkins, Texans: Here lies Matthew Berry. He believed in DeAndre Hopkins too long. Wont be surprised if the ol tombstone reads that one day, but lord help me, I am sticking by him, as I have faith Bill OBrien and Co. come out of the bye with different ways to get him the ball. The Jags play better pass defense than run defense, but that doesnt mean they play great pass defense. Theyre middle of the pack there and have allowed four scores in the past three games.Others receiving votes: J.J. Nelson leads the Cardinals in receiving yards the past two games and with head coach Bruce Arians referring to him as the teams No. 2 wide receiver, this game sets up nicely for him. The Niners allow the second-most passing scores on balls thrown 15-plus yards. Nelson can flat-out fly. ... Speaking of teams that allow big plays, the Browns have allowed a league-high 10 touchdown passes on balls thrown 15-plus yards downfield and even with a decent amount of Joe Haden on him, I expect Mike Wallace (three straight games with at least 97 yards) to get a few deep shots here. ... The slot has averaged 107 yards a game against Pittsburgh the past three weeks and no player in the NFL has more consecutive games with more than 50 yards receiving than Cole Beasley (nine straight). ... We discussed this on the podcast and as noted above, I expect Carson Wentz to throw quite a bit on this game, which means Jordan Mathews should get a lot of looks. ... With Victor Cruz banged up, the targets cant all go to Odell Beckham Jr. The Bengals have struggled with the slot this season, giving up more than 110 yards OR a touchdown to the slot in seven of eight games this season, so yeah, gimme some Sterling Shepard on Monday night in an upside WR3 sort of way.Wide receivers I hate in Week 10Allen Robinson, Jaguars: A tough year for Robinson owners should get tougher this week, as Houston has held opposing wide receivers to fewer than 14 fantasy points in five of its past seven games. Robinson should spend a lot of time being matched up with underrated A.J. Bouye, currently the No. 1 corner in coverage per Pro Football Focus.Travis Benjamin, Chargers: Clearly not 100 percent healthy (he played fewer than 10 snaps last week), Benjamin has scored just once since Week 3. With Melvin Gordon, Antonio Gates and Tyrell Williams, Benjamin is pretty far down in the pecking order in terms of scoring opportunities, which means he needs volume and at less than 100 percent; I dont see him getting that on Sunday.Willie Snead, Saints: Its hard to go against the Saints when they are at home, but this is Denver we are talking about. Its a crazy-tough matchup and after a hot start, its clear Snead has fallen way behind Michael Thomas. Since Week 3, Snead is averaging 6.6 targets a game, while Thomas is averaging 6.2 catches a game. My belief is the Saints go run-heavy here and there wont be enough volume in a bad matchup beyond Brandin Cooks and Thomas. Snead is outside my top 30.Tight ends I love in Week 10Travis Kelce, Chiefs: As of this writing on Wednesday, it looks as if receiver Jeremy Maclin wont play. That means Kelce should have a huge target share in a matchup with a Carolina Panthers team that allows the third-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. Hes a top-three tight end for me this week.Zach Miller, Bears: Quietly a top-10 fantasy tight end (and top six in PPR), Miller got 10 targets from quarterback Jay Cutler in Week 8 and should have another strong week against the Bucs, who have given up 18 touchdown passes this season, including three to opposing tight ends in just the past two weeks.Others receiving votes: No team allows more fantasy points to opposing tight ends than the Cleveland Browns, so the Ravens Dennis Pitta is worthy of streaming consideration this week. ... Hey, there was a Zach Ertz sighting! Finally Philly started looking for him, and I expect it to continue against a Falcons team that has given up the fifth-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. ... I mentioned Lance Kendricks in this space last week and it worked out. It would have been even better had he caught a ball while wide-open in the end zone that literally hit him in the numbers, but with at least five catches in three straight games (and 25 targets in that span), hes become a big part of the Rams passing offense, such as it is.Tight ends I hate in Week 10Gary Barnidge, Browns: The Ravens have yet to allow a tight end to catch a touchdown pass this season, and while Barnidge did have a lot of success against Baltimore last year, this is a very different season, for both Barnidge and the Ravens defense. Anything can happen, of course, but he hasnt scored in 11 straight games and is averaging just 47 yards per game this season. There are streamers with more upside out there this week.Julius Thomas, Jaguars: With less than 30 yards in every game since Week 2, Thomas is very touchdown dependent, and against the Texans, his scoring seems unlikely. Houston has held opposing tight ends to less than 35 yards in six of eight games this season, having allowed just one tight end to score all season.Defenses I love in Week 10Baltimore Ravens: I mean ... at home, against Cleveland, on a Thursday night? Somehow still available in about 30 percent of leagues (it was 50 percent two days ago, so at least some folks are paying attention), the Ravens are a top-five fantasy defense on the season and top three for me this week.San Diego Chargers: Theyve scored double-digit fantasy points in three of the past four, and I like their chances at home against the Dolphins.Others receiving votes: Two good defenses, two struggling QBs against each other? The Rams and Jets are both worthy of consideration this week. ... With two weeks to prepare for Jacksonvilles Blake Bortles, the Texans defense should work out well this week for streamers.Defenses I hate in Week 10Seattle Seahawks: Not 100 percent and now traveling on a short week to Foxboro to face the Patriots off a bye? No thanks.Pittsburgh Steelers: The Cowboys dominate time of possession, dont turn the ball over and have a great offensive line, so its hard to get sacks. Dallas makes for a very tough offense for any fantasy defense to play against.Matthew Berry, The Talented Mr. Roto, also found a list of potential intros for his future columns. This one wasnt among them. He is the creator of RotoPass.com, a paid spokesman for DraftKings.com and one of the owners of the Fantasy Life app. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Black Jerseys Wholesale NFL Gear Cheap Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2018 Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys White NFL Jerseys Cheap ' ' '

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