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The Tennessee Titans 36-22 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars could be an important moment in the race for the AFC South play-off place. And there was one play which may have a momentum-shifting impact on the entire season for the Titans. Quarterback Marcus Mariota struggled in the opening part of the season, but returned to form against the Jaguars.The stats fail to tell the whole story as Mariotas 270 yards and two touchdowns were eclipsed by Blake Bortles numbers, but the Titans passer was by far the more impressive of the two. Mariotas defining moment came in the middle of the second quarter when he handed the ball off to DeMarco Murray. Instead of watching the play unfold, Mariota saw an opportunity to help his team. Sprinting ahead of Murray, the quarterback turned into a blocker, diving at Aaron Colvin to allow his running back a clear lane into the end zone. NFL Wembley: Ways to Watch Week eight marks the end of the International Series, and Sky Sports has every angle covered. At 4-4, the Titans are second in the AFC South and could lead the division if the results break right. Mariotas willingness to put his body on the line can be the sort of action that changes the fortunes of the Titans season. You can watch the video by clicking the link above. Also See: Titans beat sorry Jaguars C.J Anderson to have knee surgery WATCH: Sunday Blitz London franchise Tyler Ennis Jersey . -- The boos poured down on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at the end of a horrible first half. Kyle Kuzma Jersey . Newcastle dominated in the early stages but City weathered the storm and then raised its game in extra time. Negredo broke the deadlock from close range after a simple move in the 99th minute before Dzeko took the ball round goalkeeper Tim Krul to seal the victory in the 105th. http://www.wholesalelakersjerseys.com/vlade-divac-jersey/ . -- Its been a long road back for Sean Bergenheim. Wholesale Lakers Jerseys Free Shipping . -- The Missouri Tigers might not have a roster full of superstars. Cheap Lakers Jerseys Online . Louis Blues. Shane Hnidy joins Brian Munz for the broadcast on TSN 1290 Radio at 7pm ct. NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. - The class was held just last week in Professor Bud Seligs classroom at the University of Wisconsin. The topic of the day, in the professors Baseball in American Society curriculum, was a whopper: steroids and baseball.Oh, if only there had been a camera rolling in that classroom that day. It was not Professor Seligs most comfortable lecture of the school year. Hes the first to admit that.His students werent easy on him, baseballs commissioner emeritus said Monday, the day after learning hed been elected to his sports Hall of Fame. In fact, they kept raising their hands to grill him at every turn.Did they ever, Selig told ESPN, in a candid conversation on one of his least favorite subjects. They were tough.And the toughest question they asked, he said, was one that millions of baseball fans have wondered about for nearly two decades, one that hung over the celebration of Seligs election to Cooperstown this week.They asked me, When were you aware of it? Selig recalled Monday, and, Why didnt you do more?Amid all the change and all the growth and all the innovations that propelled this former commissioner into the Hall of Fame, it is still that question about that era that never seems to stop lurking in the shadows. So how does Selig answer it? Heres how:In 1998, he said, he went to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play the Cubs, as Mark McGwire dueled Sammy Sosa for what was then baseballs most beloved record -- Roger Maris 61 homers, which for 27 years had stood as the single-season home run mark.I talked to the Cubs about Sammy, Selig recalled. The Cardinals were thrilled with McGwire. It was a big civic celebration.And no one on either team mentioned a word, he said, about what was really driving those two men toward the threshold of history. So Selig said he turned to his baseball people in the commissioners office.He says he asked, Whats causing this? And they reeled off what we would now describe as the usual, everything-but-the-elephant-in-the-room, theories: Expansion. The dilution of pitching. Questions about whether there was something different about the baseball.They gave me a whole bunch of reasons, Selig said. And I kept asking about steroids.He said he then went to see one of his favorite Milwaukee Brewers, the recently retired Robin Yount, and asked him the same question: What about steroids?And he said, Commissioner, the only guy I knew [who was taking them] was [Jose] Canseco, Selig said. But he said, I dont know whats going on now.And I talked to a lot of baseball people, Selig went on, over and over and over again. But you know, by 2000, I moved (to impose testing and suspensions) in the minor leagues, which I could do unilaterally. So thats 15 years ago. So this idea that we didnt do anything just isnt accurate.You know, Ive thought about it a hundred times, because Im pretty tough on myself, Selig said, finaally.dddddddddddd And I honestly dont know what else I could have done. Thats my answer.But that wasnt his final answer. He also wanted to make it clear that once everyone in his office was ready to admit they had a huge problem on their hands, it was the players association that stood squarely in the way.He told tales of raging fights at the bargaining table that went on for hours. And as he heaped blame on the players association, he vented his frustration in a way he had never vented it before.I never understood, Selig said. Why would you defend a bunch of cheaters?And that is how Professor Selig laid out this controversial saga to his students last week, how he remembers those times to this day. He firmly believes he did what he could.I went back through the whole negotiations, Selig said he told his class. I went through everything. And I told them, There was nothing I could do. Its collectively bargained.But was it really that simple? Is it ever that simple? Clearly, Bud Selig wrestles with those doubts to this day, because after giving his side of this story for 11 minutes, he then turned to me.Now let me ask you a question, he said. And Im being serious. If you had been me then, what would you have done?Frankly, I was amazed that he asked. But I also had no trouble admitting to the commissioner emeritus that I thought back on those times a lot. And like a lot of members of the media, I carry a deep sense of guilt about that era and the way it was covered. I told him I wish Id done more. I wish Id asked more questions. I wish Id learned more. I wished Id said and written more.So that, I told him, was what I thought he could have done. He was the commissioner. So the one thing he could have done, without needing a bargaining table to do it, was raise this issue, speak about it more, admit to it earlier and bring it to the forefront.Thats fair, Selig replied. Thats very fair.A moment later, he looked me right in the eye again. Maybe youre right, he said. Maybe I should have said more.It is now many, many years later, of course. Eighteen years since McGwire and Sosa. Way too late to jump in a time machine and go back to those days when so much more could have, and should have, been done and said.Selig constantly tells himself that, ultimately, baseball dealt with the problem. It took too long. But in the end, he said, baseball wound up with not just the toughest testing in sports, but in America.But did it come with a lot of pain? Selig asked, rhetorically. You bet it did.And this was the true measure of just how much pain. Even on one of the greatest days of his life in baseball, that pain was impossible to dismiss, just as these questions are impossible to dismiss. Even in a college classroom in Madison, Wisconsin. Cheap Jerseys 2018 Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys 2019 NFL Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys From China ' ' '

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