Chemical test items for footwear and leather products

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Chemical test items for footwear and leather products

my country is the world’s largest textile producer and exporter. As people’s living standards continue to improve, consumers’ quality requirements for textile, apparel, shoes and leather products have evolved from a single product comfort, functionality, and safety to a whole Every stage of the industrial chain, from raw materials to finished products, must protect public health and safety.

Footwear and leather products use a lot of chemical materials in the manufacturing process, and these materials are often the source of harmful substances. In order to avoid the potential hazards of footwear and leather products to human health, it is an inevitable requirement to limit the content of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, azo dyes, extractable heavy metals, and phthalates.

In addition, in recent years, my country's footwear and leather products have been recalled due to excessive harmful substances. Only by testing these products for harmful substances can we avoid trade risks to the greatest extent.

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