Frequency conversion series air compressor chemical industry

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Frequency conversion series air compressor chemical industry

Chemical industry in the production process often uses and produces corrosive gases, liquids and dust, a large number of flammable and explosive dangerous substances, as well as irritant, polluting and other toxic substances, so chemical plants are mostly built on water. In the design of building structure and production equipment will be considered in all aspects of anti-corrosion, fire, explosion-proof measures. With the rapid development of science and technology, modern chemical plants mostly use energy-saving, intelligent regulation and centralized control of chemical equipment.

Clean and stable compressed air is indispensable in the complex production process of chemical plant. The compressed air from the air compressor is compressed and discharged into clean and stable gas after passing through a set of precise post-treatment system of gas storage tank, dryer and filter, and then divided into two pipelines: one is used to drive some pneumatic equipment, the other is used to produce nitrogen and chemical raw materials. Therefore, a high quality air compressor and post-treatment system will be directly related to the production process of the whole chemical plant.

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