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The production of cigarettes is excellent, and the tobacco fills tightly. Ignite one, the amount of 6mg of tar is just right, the smoke is mellow and full, the lung filling strength is moderate Newport Cigarettes, the rich and soft smoke refreshes the heart and lungs, the aroma is full and mellow, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste is sweet and long. Take a sip, the smoke is slowly discharged from the nasal cavity, the tip of the tongue suddenly feels cold when the smoke enters, the mint fragrance is elegant Wholesale Cigarettes, soft and gentle, the mouth and nasal cavity are cool and refreshing, and the spirit is refreshed. At the same time, there is a faintly sweet feeling in the tongue coating. The original flavor of tobacco is more obvious in the middle. The whole cigarette is smoked, and the odor is not particularly obvious. The cigarette paper is white with light horizontal stripes. The cigarette is 97 mm long and the diameter of the cigarette is about 5. 3 mm. The flame-retardant part is 35 mm, the tipping paper is white, the tipping paper composition is very simple, the circle and the logo are all red, the cigarette wraps are relatively loose, and the ignition end is empty. The smell of smoke is also very light, soft and elegant. The original tobacco fragrance does not seem to be tasted. It passes through the throat and enters the lungs smoothly without irritation Newport 100S. The aftertaste is clean and the aftertaste is long. In terms of taste, before crushing and popping the beads, the taste is light and elegant, the smoke is more substantial, the smoke is mellow, the fragrance is elegant, the satisfaction is not very strong, but it is very comfortable. After crushing and popping the beads, the mint breath is transparent, the cool taste is strong, sweet, and the feeling of ice is obvious. It is more suitable for hot summer taste. The fly in the ointment is that cigarettes burn a bit faster. In addition, for smokers who are not accustomed to the taste of mint, after crushing and popping the beads, the mint taste is a bit stronger, which affects the taste of the original tobacco fragrance. After smoking a cigarette, the lingering fragrance of mint still remains in the mouth. It is mellow and cool, and it does not dissipate for a long time. There is indeed an artistic conception of "explosive taste and coolness".
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Newport Wholesale Cigarettes

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