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Every New Year, my parents Cigarettes For Sale, relatives and friends will give me lucky money. This year is no exception. After the Spring Festival, I have a "rich" income. Mom and Dad are very uncomfortable with such a large sum of New Year's money, because I am a shopaholic and always want to buy things. After the tenth day of the first lunar month, I counted the New Year ��s money in the small bedroom over and over again. I thought happily: I will go to the shopping center tomorrow to buy toys, then go to the supermarket to buy snacks, and then ... Just when I want to go into the wrong, my parents push Entered the door and said to me: "Today's New Year's money must be handed in." When I heard this, I was half cold. No, I wanted to find a way to keep this "big money". I turned my eyes and said to my parents: "You want me to pay the money, but this violates my private property. It is illegal." My parents heard it, surprised, and walked aside to discuss countermeasures. After a while, my dad came over and said to me, "Minqi, since you don't want to pay the new year's money, then don't pay it, but it's not safe to take it with you. So, let's open a 'bank' for personal deposits at home , How about saving your New Year's money? "I was very excited when I heard it, because I never tried to save money, I promised. My mother also said: "You must sign the 'Three Chapters of the Treaty' before you can save money." I agreed without thinking. Dad immediately used the computer to draw a table as a "passbook", and a table of "about three chapters". Mom named this "bank" as "family bank" Marlboro Gold, she became "president" and dad "deputy president". I happily deposited my new year's money in a "bank" and signed the "Three Chapters of the Law". In this way, "family bank" was born in my home. In the first few days, I did not go to the bank to withdraw money to buy things. But gradually, I couldn't resist the temptation of toys, snacks and other things. After repeated ideological struggles, I decided to go to the "bank" to withdraw money. The "President" asked me: "What's the purpose of taking the money out?" "Shopping!" I blurted out. "President" listened and asked, "What do you buy?" "Of course snacks and toys!" "President" still refused to give me the New Year's money. I also used the old trick of "not giving money is infringement on private property", but to no avail Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The "President" showed me "Three Chapters of the Law". The first article of the "Three Chapters of Covenant Law" is that money can only be used for learning; the second article ... I read the "Regulations" in black and white, and then look at the selfless "President". I have no choice but to retreat from this. After the birth of the "family bank", my new year's money was trapped in the "bank". Because of this "bank", I did not shop so crazy. By the Spring Festival next year, I will have private property.
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