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Olie Andrin Dublin
I thought it would be small on my dog because she has a pretty big rib cage for her size But it fit her really well. She's a miniature schnauzer.
Amr Abdallah
I received this lip balm in my Ipsy bag last year and loved it. I have really sensitive skin and eczema and it's one of the few lip balms that don't make my lips peel. I have now purchased more because nothing else is as gentle and works as well.
Theresa Watson
Very honest and heartfelt. I felt like I was reading about my own life in so many ways! Thank you Jaime.
Jen Dy
Sounds great.
Sabah Badawi
It's a little small but still fits. At least it's snug for the baby and doesn't bunch up
Pookpik Pookpik
Just what I was looking for. The colors are bright and the gloves are nice and comfortable.

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