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Autumn is here, Xia Hua starts to thank, those scattered fragrances, flowing across the soft heart, are very light and painful. Regarding the encounter, I don't know what kind of pen and ink to use to describe it, maybe because it is too beautiful, I am always afraid that I can't find the right language, and the truth is vulgar. Life is a kind of fate. When it comes to fate, like the spring breeze Carton Of Cigarettes, when the fate ends, don't ask bitter cold, everything is fixed. Fate is Su Qing in the silver bowl, the warmth of a small red clay stove, whether it is a blue sky hidden in the heart, or the first glance of life, the most beautiful is the process of encounter, Zhang Ailing said: Among the people who meet the person you met, in the wilderness of the boundlessness of time, there is no early step, no late step, just happened to catch up, then there is nothing else to say, only gently Asked: "Oh, are you here too? When I meet, you send me a tear of joy, if a flower blooms, a green leaf, a favorite poem, that love and understanding Even if it's just a moment, it's forever, whether it's a pedestrian passing by in the crowd, or a passerby who shelters from the rain at the same time under the eaves of the rain, at the same time, it is the grace of the wind floating catkins, it is the moisture of the gentle drizzle, it is you She hurriedly looked back and smiled. There is a beauty in this world. It is a clear encounter, a silent companion, and a silent understanding. Like the blue sky and the white clouds, the river embraces the stream, the green leaves embrace the red Contrast of flowers. They contrast with each other It ��s so natural to be far away from the world. It is as tender as spring flowers, with dark fragrance like autumn chrysanthemums, as natural as grass on the street, but full of sunlight. There are no excessive requirements, only the liver and gallbladder colleagues, heart and heart With the spirit rhino as a bridge, silent and joyful, but also the sky is wide, the love is deep, returning, I just want you to be good. Time is light, love can comfort the desolation in the depths of life, for meeting you like this, I I just smile peacefully and feel grateful. With the warmth of my heart, I turn into a lily. With a smiling heart, write a person's name in the bright and beautiful. No matter what kind of feeling, you can change colors with Qiushui. What kind of story can be without sadness and parting, only one exquisite language will fall into your poetry. Pick a few warm and safe, string the raindrops under the eaves into rosary, and you can have a clear encounter with the destined person. All languages ??cannot express that truth. In my heart, I just love that side of the landscape, that road, and that person. Some fate, even after going back and forth, is the original intention, the grass is green and yellow, Flowers bloom Xie, spring after spring, and you and love have always been here, this is the fate of a lifetime. Time, sometimes really like a clean young man, let meet, enrich your life, the joy, like the beginning Flowers; the innocence, such as the morning dew; the poetic feeling, in the rhyme angles of the years, writes aftertaste and freshness. In the light years, if you can meet the person you like, enjoy the same moon and chant together A poem is silent and beautiful, and when you meet it, it is a scent of fragrance. If you can, make a leisure flower and open it in your arms, not greedy, not clinging, and you will protect me from the wind and rain, both It ��s just a cup of tea time, and it is also warmth. I often think that if we can treat every encounter in life with such a clear heart, even if it is a short embrace, it will be eternal in an instant. Perhaps, the life of On the road, there are always endless scenery, flowers that you like to see, you may not always like them, stories that you were enamored with, and maybe you will forget one day, the scenery in this world is always inadvertently interpreted and missed. Some love to release It ��s good in the bottom of my heart Words, warm heart, you will not be lonely. If you like to listen to a song, you will always hum it gently when no one is there; if you like to read a book, you will always flip through it when you are lonely, and the person who has been in your heart always dreams at midnight. When I think about it, though, because of the long time, I can't remember his eyebrows and those who have gone back and forth a thousand times, but in my heart, only good things remain. Everyone has a city in its heart, simple or bright, a bright moon, a curtain of flowers, a touch of green, facing each other quietly, keeping in mind and treasure. Feeling a true love, deep love, shallow disclosure, everything is in my heart. Ren Hua opened and thanked, and the leaves were green and yellow. In the spring, the melody grew old, not to mention love. Regardless of calligraphy and poems, only the looks of each other were in their hearts, and the weak water was rejected. In a person ��s poem, the most beautiful rhyme feet hold the daily experience in the warm palms, hide the love in the cups of years, and let the prosperity flourish. The white hair is like snow. Itthe last period and let the helplessness escape. Mo Shanghua blossomed, opened and fell, and after walking for so long, I did not learn to hide all my heart, separated by a curtain of spring, where there is love, is still the hometown of my dreams. Always believe that not all departures are sentimental and sentimental, some petals fall, not withered, for a more beautiful flowering period. Encounter is the fate of life, the distance of the heart, from the accumulation of bits and pieces, always a little nostalgic, hidden in the corner of time, to practice for love; always a little simple, written in time like water, let the heart grow up Touched, those promises kept, those warmth written in the heart, after many years, there will still be the eternity of the first sight. On the plain paper of the years, everyone has a meeting story. No matter how twisty the plot is, what kind of ending will be, the most beautiful is the process of intentional telling Marlboro Red... Maybe it is only a short episode in life, but it is moisturized with water. Let the beautiful bloom in the years, weave the warmth into the greenery Newport 100S, let the heart sound open into a clear rhyme, and get closer, in order to no longer miss, in order to warm each other in the light of the time, the thin and thin, I write The old words, spilling the heart and ink outside the earth, holding an invitation under the smoke and rain in the south of the Yangtze River, letting the fate fly, let the amorous words fade away, let the deep softness, hold the poem alone Sleep, wish, everyone in the way of life is happy.
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