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I got this for my son for his 7th birthday. He loves it so much and is very excited to play football with his friends who also have their own team Jersey sets. I recommend this for any child who loves football.
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It fit comfortable but not as roomy as I expected it to be
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Awesome for the money.
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I'm use to buying Echos at Dillard's and already knew my size before I ordered from Amazon (this is my 4th pair) These shoes retail for $130 at Dillard's so they were a great buy for $109 with Amazon. I sell cars off a 15 acre car lot so I am constantly on my feet. These are the only shoes that hold up to the elements. In the Summer my black top can get up to 120 degrees. Polyurethane Soles last and hold up better then traditional material! I would recommend these shoes highly as they are both stylish and pass the test!!
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