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On a Sunday in late March of this year, my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and a group of people were carrying the things that Sichuan people should have when they were hanging out. From Zhongjiang City, they rushed to the hometown in the direction of the hometown. Ri Li, Chun Rong Jing Ming. As soon as our car came out of Kaicheng, we drove on the avenue of green mountains and green waters. Through the window, we witnessed a silhouette of Fu Nun yellow cauliflower and green wheat sprouts flying behind the window. It really has a picturesque feeling. Everyone was extremely excited along the way, and the sky was wide and the road was full of enthusiasm. This seems to be some humor that is not in harmony with the atmosphere of going to the grave to worship the ancestors. At this time, I fell into meditation. I suddenly remembered an anonymous poem that I saw on the Internet not long ago: "The ruthlessness of the gods is the most ruthless, and the filial piety of the world is not pity; for the sake of earning a little, there is a tear, and there is a lot of tears in the culture." It was formed by the tears of the dutiful son, the rain and the tears blended together, and the tears made the rain cold. Prickly, there are many people, not the heart of the dutiful son in tears is not for the beauty of the day and the ignorance of the young, I feel a touch of sorrow Marlboro Cigarettes, my father suddenly called me: "Swallow, the next car Now, what are you still thinking about?" I just came back to God and looked up. The destination of Yuelai came to our group and then carried something, crossed an open field and crossed a small bend. The bridge, and then bypassed a village with many farmers standing in a small ocean building, walked to a winding green hill behind the village, pink and green, small bridges, green wheat, cauliflower, yellow, and good scenery. The beauty is unbelievable, and in the deep lane of the shit, the farmhouse atmosphere of the chicken mulberry tree is even more intoxicating. Let people walk along the way, as in the paintings, the heart is refreshing and beautiful, and we can't talk for a moment. We all gathered at the graves of the ancestors, burned incense and burned paper, and worshipped them devoutly. Looking at the sacredness of grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and other old people to worship the ancestors, the solemn solemnity, I do not feel awe! My grandfather's usual humorous father's humor during his spare time Marlboro Red, his mother's usual pungency at this time turned out to be invisible, and I seemed to grow up a lot. The old predecessors usually come in the wind, the rain goes, there is no time to worship the ancestors of the underground Wholesale Cigarettes. At this time, it is really in the presence of close ancestors, dialogue with the ancestors to express their Nostalgia for reminiscence and reverence, and the rituals of cherishing the ancestors and the graves have been warned. Looking back, I can see the scenery in the fields. The beautiful flannel that is emerald green and paved between the heavens and the earth is the green wheat sprouts and the grass and green trees that have been flowing up the hills. On this green carpet, a piece of kerchief-like goose yellow silk satin is dotted. Yellow intoxicating cauliflower. On this beautiful brocade, there are also some small foreign houses that are like cowboys in the west and with a few gentlemen's demeanor. They are fascinated by the beautiful scenery, with a bit of chic, sweetly guarding the paintings in front of us, we will be a little while, we Once again, cross the curved bridge and walk to the opposite side of the bridge. A few bananas outside a small house on the side of a small bridge, a few trees of cherry are dotted on the shore of the flowing water. I don't feel bright, just one thing: "Green banana, red cherry, drunk and happy, happy too." The fairyland of the world "Dad, how was your solemnity in front of the ancestral grave? Nothing?" I suddenly made a mistake with my father. I saw him groaning: "You are old! The solemnity of the past, sadness is what we used to mourn! This is the time to finish the ancestors, of course, it��s fun! This is confirming the sentence." Also Xiao He, defeat also Xiao He', I think it should be called: "The sorrow is also clear, the music is also clear and clear, "the sorrow is also clear, the music is also clear!" I really admire my father. At this time, the sky suddenly floated over a group of white cotton-like white clouds. On this blue sky, the silver-cotton-like white clouds seemed to be drunk, otherwise why did it melt like in the blue sky?
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