Death for Chinese businessman who raped 25 young girls

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I’ve also never seen Singaporeans deprive others of sharing a table if there happened Newport box 100s cigarettes to be empty spots.

Now, returning your tray and doing a cursory clean of the table after you’re done with a meal is being gracious and considerate. I think everyone can get behind that.

But despite the comparisons Teo draws between the National Tray Return Initiative and her own Anti-Chope Movement, the former actually makes the jobs of cleaner aunties and uncles significantly easier, while the latter is merely addressing an unpleasant social behaviour that frankly doesn’t really affect anyone all that much.

While I understand where Teo’s annoyance comes from, it’s not a big enough deal to start an entire movement against it. Teo intends to not only continue her bi-weekly outreach, but is even looking to expand the movement. She hopes to get more “ambassadors” on board and station more people around the more infamous “chope-ing” spots.

I admire their dedication to a cause that they clearly seem very invested in, but…. seriously?? Imagine taking out hours of your week just to hover around crowded eating spots, waiting to catch offending chope-rs??

Perhaps instead of merely lambasting the actual act of chope-ing, this movement should take the time to examine the real world practicalities behind why people chope. They should look into how the infrastructure can be improved to accommodate the crowds at peak hours, rather than give out bookmarks and hope that it induces a 180-degree change in behaviour.

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