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So http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/phil-haynes-jersey-authentic , you’ve just completed the NFL Draft. a player that will help turn their franchise around. It could be a stud quarterback who will break all of Peyton Manning’s passing records or a running back that’s going to rush for 2,000 yards a season—the point is, that your guy is going to become the guy and lead your team back to the promised land.And that’s exactly what the San Diego Chargers thought when they drafted Ryan Leaf in 1998. Or the Oakland Raiders thought when they grabbed JaMarcus Russell in 2007. Vernon Gholston, Troy Williamson, Charles Rogers—the history of the draft is littered with high-profiled Ugo Amadi Jersey , highly picked players who were supposed to turn a franchise around and then, well, didn’t.Other draft picks can disappoint even if they end up not bombing out as badly as some of those previous examples. Sam Bradford is still an NFL starting quarterback, so he can’t have been that terrible of a pick at number one in 2010, but would the Rams still pick him today over draftmates like Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy? David Carr started 75 games for the Houston Texans Jonah Williams Jersey , but would they pick him again over Julius Peppers Probably not.We know from history that somewhere between a third and half of early round picks aren’t going to satisfy their team in the long run. With that in mind, let’s go out on a limb and make some bold predictions as to which members of the 2016 NFL Draft class will seem somewhat underwhelming in five years time. Maybe none of them will end up on the historic bust list with Leaf or Russell, but some of these guys just aren’t going to turn out. Here’s a far-too-early guess at who that might be. The NFL combine is one of the most widely known scouting events in professional sports. Those who compete are under enormous pressure to perform well. After all, it could be the difference between being drafted in the first couple rounds and not being drafted at all. Some of the scouting techniques used by NFL teams during the combine can look absolutely insane. Last year, the Eagles were apparently looking to measure the circumference of some prospects' knees. Things like that sound crazy http://www.thebengalsfootballauthentic.com/drew-sample-jersey-authentic , but when you consider all the careers that can be crushed as a result of a single bad draft class, it becomes more understandable. For fans, part of the appeal of the NFL as a whole is the fact that its athletes are absolutely insane. It's to the point where it doesn't feel like they're real people. They look like they were designed in a lab by scientists with questionable morals. As a result, the combine draws interest from fans as they get to watch prospects perform events that allow their physically abilities to be measured. Every now and then there's a performer or two at the combine that does something much better than everyone else. They're among peers who already seem barely human due to their freakish athleticism and they still manage to stand out as being significantly more physically impressive than everyone else. That's absolutely crazy. Here's the best of the best, the top 15 most insane combine performances ever.

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