starter retiring and it will raise our eyebrows, but even surprising retirements like Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson

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One of the most fun debates sports fans like to make is the "Will They? vs Won't They?" make the Hall Of Fame debate. Although some athletes are pretty much placed in the Hall Of Fame even before they hang it up for their career Nick Bosa Jersey , there are others that remain in limbo. Sometimes the waiting period is only for a few years while others spend decades wondering if what they did on the field was good enough.The Pro Football Hall Of Fame isn't much different from the others. Statistical accomplishments and legacy mean more than just about anything else. Depending on your position or leadership role on a team, your path to Canton might be more difficult than others. A quarterback can have an excellent statistical career, but still fall short of the Hall Of Fame because they didn't win any Super Bowl rings while a record breaking running back or amazing offensive lineman may not have as hard of a time.This article aims to look at 20 players who have retired recently and have fallen somewhere within the Hall Of Fame discussion. Some of these players are a lock to make it and everybody knows it. Some of these players were very good, but not quite Hall of Fame greats. Others players remain on the fence and may depend on your perspective on their career. Regardless of your feelings on the topic D.K. Metcalf Jersey , there is no doubt that this is a fun topic to dissect and discuss. Without further adieu, here are 10 recently retired players who will make the Hall Of Fame and 10 who will most likely fall short of this prestigious honor. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of football. Careers are significantly shorter than in any other major pro sport. Contracts have few (if any) guarantees. Guys that can get out early and feel like they have enough in the bank to live a comfortable life often do. Rarely though do we see any big stars call it a career before 30. Maybe occasionally we will hear about a 20-something starter retiring and it will raise our eyebrows, but even surprising retirements like Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson have happened when those guys were 33 and 30 respectively.Football is a tough and unforgiving game. We all know the toll the sport takes on the body both physically and emotionally, so those aforementioned injuries and non-guaranteed contracts make it easy to see certain guys cutting their NFL careers short. Sometimes it's for self-preservation Jamel Dean Jersey , other times it just isn't worth the grind given the long term effects of every snap. That often explains the rationale of these young megastars who decide to get out while the getting is still somewhat good.If you can make your money, leave a legacy you can be proud of, and maybe when a title or two along the way, why wouldn't you get out of the game early? Houston Oilers legend Earl Campbell is a perfect picture of why it is better to walk away from the sport earlier so that you can still walk later.

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