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Xiaobian lead: How to write a composition? Throughout the ages, there are many historical figures to admire. Which of the many historical figures do you admire most?e yellow sand shovel, the autumn wind bleak, the historical sands eroded the figures of countless people. The figure of the strong man, the hero, and the brave is exceptionally clear. Through the rolling sky, he walked through us through the dust of history, and the smile on his face was as stunned as the Wujiang Pavilion.elievable, the younger battle, the legendary color of the battle; can not guess Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes, respect for the overlord, the wisdom and strategy of the hegemony; can not understand, tears farewell, the helplessness and remorse of the Farewell My Concubine; The general trend has gone, Wujianghe three years of the uprising, even the Hou dynasty Qin, and the princely prince, the number is the overlord, the battlefield, for more than seven years, the person who broke, the swearer suit, did not taste defeat. How could I think that such a constant victory general, such a prosperous king actually has more than twenty, this is a young and frivolous age, but bears too much weight. Although it was difficult to walk on the road to the king Buy Newports Online, it was brave. That one can replace it and replace the weight of the dream, depicting the majestic temple of the heart. How big is the heart, how far can the dream go. West Chu Bawang, I only hope that your majestic ambition will come true, and draw a perfect ending for your life.e giant deer won a victory in the first battle Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, not only creating a record of less battles, but also making his life a peak. Since then, Xiang Yu has been rumored by countless people. banquet, let Liu Bang, let the bane, or arrogance, no one, or young and wild, not debauchery, but the young people's inherently frivolous character, who can get him into the bottom because of this? And Liu Bang��s mean, insidious, and deceitful are not what we are not ignoring? The husband has done something wrong, his behavior is bright and open, his heart is open and honest, Xiang Yu is definitely a model. The defeat of the squadron, the tears do not love Ji, the true color of the heroes of the end of the road is full of dripping, the tears of the drip deposits the reluctance and helplessness of Ai Ji, the smashing in the breakout is the unyielding soul roaring, the blush on the item Casting his tragic strength. is a great person, and death is also a ghost. So far, Xiang Yu, refused to cross Jiangdong. Although the current events have changed, the hero��s face has not lasted for a long time, and the hero��s soul has survived forever!hundred years ago, Tan Wei was a blood-stained vegetable market, and he was born to take the righteousness and kill himself into a benevolence. The sea is floating, the years are like tides, and Tan Yongtong is reincarnation in time. My country and my people will always remember.) By the resurrection of Tan, the tree has flesh and blood, love and love. The person, the iron bones and tenderness like water, the true hero ear. His wife and wife: "The past is not to chase after the past, one layer of Acacia is a layer of gray. The world is turned into a lotus seed, and the king meets the water" means: this life will forget you Carton Cigarettes, the future will continue Marlboro Lights 100S. Tan Yitong was remembered as a hero, and his wife was reluctant to forget the feelings of this life. In fact, the two are as unforgettable. )

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