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MONTREAL - The Quebec Soccer Federation says if Sikh kids want to play soccer while wearing a turban theres an easy solution: they can play in their own yard. The federation held a Monday teleconference to explain its weekend decision to uphold a ban on turbans that is unique in the country. Brigitte Frot, the director-general of the provincial association, was asked what she would tell a five-year-old boy in a turban who shows up to register to play soccer with his friends. She replied: "They can play in their backyard. But not with official referees, not in the official rules of soccer. They have no choice." Someone could be heard openly laughing as she delivered that response during Mondays media telephone conference call. Canada has an office for religious freedom but it said Monday that it will not interfere in the issue. The new federal organization, created by the Harper Tories, explained that it operates under the Department of Foreign Affairs and its work is limited to the area outside Canadas borders. A member of the governing party, however, is condemning the Quebec decision. Conservative MP Parm Gill fired off a series of open letters on Monday to the Quebec and Canadian soccer federations as well as the sports governing body over the ban on turban-wearing players. Gill said a statement he was disappointed with the Quebec federations decision and called on the various groups to find a way to change it. “It is incredibly unfortunate and insulting that, in a nation that prides itself on diversity, such discriminatory regulations are allowed to stand. There is no valid reason for a ban on the wearing of turbans or other religious symbols during athletic competitions," Gill said. The soccer federation explains the ban as an issue of player safety. When asked, however, how many injuries have actually been linked to turbans Frot replied that the association doesnt have money to commission studies. There have been no injuries, as far as shes aware, she said. "The point is we dont know and because we dont know we dont want to take any chances," Frot said. "Thats the main concern our board has." Frot was asked whether the move was racist and she said she disagreed with the question. When asked whether it might at least be construed as intolerant, she offered a "no comment." She said her group was simply taking its cues from FIFA, soccers international governing body. FIFA rules do not explicitly state a position on such headwear — which is neither banned, nor allowed. Frot said that if people want to change the policy they should take it up with FIFA. "They have to knock at FIFAs door," she said. She said the federation would lift its ban immediately if FIFA did. But, for now, Quebec referees who dont apply the rule could face penalties. Quebec referees began cracking down in the last year on turbans, patkas and keskis — the religious headgear worn by Sikh men and boys. The weekend decision to uphold the ban occurred despite a directive from the Canadian Soccer Association in April, calling for provincial associations to allow them by extending an existing rule that allows Islamic hijabs for girls. Quebec is the only province that has balked at the directive. The Sikh community says this has forced a difficult dilemma onto the families of 100 to 200 children: ditch a religious requirement, or quit playing organized soccer. The World Sikh Organization says those children were forced out of soccer a year ago. Now this season may already be lost for them because the registration period has ended. The Sikh organization says it hasnt ruled out a legal challenge. The group held a meeting in Ottawa that was already scheduled Monday and the issue was at the top of the agenda. "In the normal course, what we try to do is reach out and have a dialogue on how we can work around the issue and reassure both sides and find a solution that works for everyone," said Balpreet Singh, spokesman for the World Sikh Organization of Canada. "The fact is we have been trying to reach out to the Quebec Soccer Federation in 2011 and we have been unsuccessful, we have not received any replies." Singh, who is a lawyer by trade, said he highly doubts that such a ban would hold up in the courts. Bnai Brith Canadas Quebec office called the soccer bodys ruling a failure in reasonable accommodation and offered its expertise on Monday for both sides to come to a compromise. The dispute has germinated in the emotional hothouse of Quebecs identity debates. The issue of accommodating minorities landed on the political stage in 2007, when tabloid media carried sensational reports about examples of religious minorities imposing their views on others. One famous example was when a group of Muslims visiting a Quebec sugar shack managed to get traditional pea soup with the pork removed. The issue wound up being the subject of a provincial commission under the Liberals. More recently, it has been taken up with greater enthusiasm by the governing Parti Quebecois. The government now promises to bring in a new charter of Quebec values — with secularism being a paramount virtue. However, the government has signalled that its proposed brand of secularism will not apply to all religions equally. Muslim and Sikh headwear, for instance, will likely be banned from public institutions under the proposed policy — while, on the other hand, the large Christian cross hanging over the Quebec legislature will get to stay. As for the soccer pitch, Muslim and Sikh headwear will be treated differently in Quebec — at least for now. Frot said things might change eventually. Frot said safety studies were done with the Muslim hijab and, afterward, FIFA relaxed its rules for it. She said she expects the same will eventually happen with turbans, although she noted that the hijab issue took nearly four years to resolve. "We have an obligation as a federation to put player safety first," she said. "FIFA has done this work for the hijab and, when theyve done it for the turban, I have no doubt that FIFA will put out a directive authorizing it and well be happy to follow suit." Authentic Football Jerseys For Sale .J. -- New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz will miss the rest of the season after having surgery on his left knee. Stitched Football Jerseys . Brazilian national coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has confirmed that the veteran goalkeeper is set to join Toronto on loan, saying it will help him be ready for the World Cup. http://www.cheapfootballjerseyssale.com/ . There are surprises among the Vezina candidates, but most of the others are standard top-tier performers, even if the two Hart Trophy runners-ups have never been quite as good as they have been through the first half of the season. Cheap Football Jerseys Fast Shipping . At a news conference Tuesday where it was thought that the fiery Schallibaum may be shown the door after a dismal finish to the Major League Soccer season, team president Joey Saputo said no decision has been made on whether the Swiss Volcano will be back in 2014. Football Jerseys Outlet . During the athletes parade, the 23-strong Ukrainian team was represented by a lone flagbearer in an apparent protest at the presence of Russian troops in Ukraines Crimean peninsula. SAN DIEGO -- Padres?general manager A.J. Preller said Wednesday that 10 teams have inquired about San Diego players since his 30-day suspension ended, including one that wanted to make a trade, a signal that his ability to deal with other clubs wasnt damaged by the unprecedented punishment.Preller was suspended by Major League Baseball without pay on Sept. 15 for failing to disclose medical information when All-Star lefty Drew Pomeranz was traded to the Boston Red Sox in July.The GM said there was no intent to deceive the Red Sox or other teams the Padres made deals with, but rather, a misunderstanding of baseballs medical reporting system and where the team was storing information on players. He said that was partly due to changing head trainers in the offseason, with the new trainer starting work shortly before spring training started.The discipline stemming from Major League Baseball, from our standpoint they felt like our medical record-keeping wasnt in line with some guidelines from an administrative standpoint, Preller said during an hour-long interview with three writers. I think from an integrity, intent standpoint, at no point in time for myself or anyone in baseball operations was there an intent to deceive, or an integrity question. I think Commissioner Manfred in his ruling stated that, that it wasnt about that. It was about the administrative side of things. Thats something were going to be very committed to correcting and making sure that obviously will not happen again.Preller vowed the Padres will be industry leaders and best in class in medical reporting standards.Whatever the minimum standards are for Major League Baseball, were going to be way far above that, he said. Its a small league and everything like that, and youve got a lot of relationships. Overall, the sense I have from other clubs and other teams is that theres a trust factor and I think were going to make sure were setting up a structure to make sure other teams ffeel that.ddddddddddddI feel confident that were going to be able to make moves and deals with other clubs, he added.Preller was hired in August 2014 and quickly gained a reputation as a wheeler-dealer. He made a dizzying run of deals the following offseason. After that win-now approach with veteran players failed, Preller almost as quickly shifted into a deep rebuilding mode.Weve made a lot of (trades), and I think the idea of deals is to help both sides, Preller said. I think weve got to make sure that from our trade process standpoint that basically when we get through that process, both sides understand exactly whats been presented.After Preller was suspended, there were reports that the Padres were keeping medical information on players in two separate files, one for industry use and the other for internal use.The Red Sox and other teams that made deals with the Padres said important information that should have been made available wasnt.From our standpoint, it was a situation where it wasnt that we had two different sets of information. It was where you go to store the information, Preller said. From an MLB guideline standpoint, it should be in a certain area of the Sutton EMR medical reporting system. Thats what we have to make sure is stored exactly the way MLB will put out their guidelines or future minimal standards. Weve already done that.Going forward, it starts with education and communication. It starts from a leadership standpoint, myself, making it a priority. The focus a lot of times on the baseball side is acquiring players, developing players, building a culture, but its got to be on the administrative side as well. Thats the area -- I think we have very capable people in the front office. I think were going to continue to bolster that and find some people that thats their focus every single day. China NFL Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Online Stitched Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Football Jerseys Outlet College Jerseys For Sale Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys For Sale Wholesale NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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