s might have been a little short for her.

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The reveal season for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is in full swing, with 132 cards set to be revealed in Hearthstones next expansion. With 132 cards to review -- 131 after our Grimestreet Pawnbroker card reveal -- we better skip the exposition and get moving with the second big chunk.Dont laugh about the Counterfeit Coin, its a legit option even without an effect. Not as good as Druids Innervate, it does fit well into Rogue decks. Rogue has a number of Combo cards, all which this activates and in Miracle builds, helps cycle your deck with an extra mana, that one extra mana sometimes being crucial in a big Gadgetzan Auctioneer turn.Lotus Assassin is fine as a five-mana 5/5 in that it starts with Stealth and any things it kills that it survives gives it another Stealth, meaning that either the enemy uses some kind of area-of-effect spell to get rid of it or you get to determine the trades. Theres no place for this card in Miracle, but it could see a niche role in a Burglary-type deck that uses more minions. Probably the best place for this card will be in Arena, where Stranglethorn Tiger, a 5/5 with Stealth that doesnt have a chance to get its Stealth back, sees play.Shaku, the Collector, if played at all, will see play if the card-stealing versions of Rogue are strong enough to see competitive play. The Stealth effect is key here because a 2/3 for three mana can be easily removed, which Hobgoblin decks never became a competitive thing (a three mana 2/3 that did not have Stealth).Priest isnt the only lower-tier class to get some help in Gadgetzan, Paladins suffered as well, with the NZoth Paladins getting pushed out the tournament meta, which only the occasional Anyfin Paladin keeping Uther in tournament play.We start off with a reasonable secret in Getaway Kodo. Unlike some of the weaker Paladin cards, this one can see significant play outside of a Secret Paladin build. Mages Duplicate essentially did the same thing for three mana (but two minions) and Getaway Kodo can be used similarly here. In fact, its probably better outside of the Secrets builds since playing it is better with one huge minion while the more Secret-heavy build relies on having a large board that makes trades awkward. And you want to be sending something like Sylvanas Windrunner or Ragnaros back to your hand, not the 2/1 Defender you get from Noble Sacrifice.Meanstreet Marshal, Grimestreet Outfitter, and Grimestreet Enforcer all enable minion-heavy builds in which Paladin rapidly draws low-mana cards, buffs them, and floods the board. Meanstreet Marshal is a Loot Hoarder with a condition but a discount and if youre playing the other two cards, youll likely have buffed this card by at least one attack. In Arena, dont expect to see the Marshal.The Grimestreet Outfitter is a bit like a bargain basement version of The Mistcaller in Shaman decks. It empowers your hand early for a tempo loss, but at least it does it early enough in the game that the bonus and hand size may be worth it. The Enforcer might as well be a 4/4 with Taunt, simply because removing it will be priority if the player dropping this has a hand - think of it as an Emperor Thaurissan for aggressive decks.Small-Time Recruits is a straightforward card to go along with this Aggro Paladin theme. Paladin doesnt have a ton of natural card draw without conditions, theres no Warlock hero power or two-mana Wrath. If youre playing this kind of deck, this card helps refill your hand. If you dont, the card really doesnt do anything.Wickerflame Burnbristle is my favorite of the Paladin cards released and may see play in different deck archetypes. Shielded Minibot was a terrific Paladin card, a two mana 2/2 with Divine Shield. For one mana more, you get a Taunt and the ability to restore health as well, probably four points unless your opponent burns removal. Aggro decks could ignore Shielded Minibot, they actually have to remove this card.Not a lot of Mage so far -- the class isnt hurting -- and here were have a card in Manic Soulcaster that makes sense for a more Grinder-style of Control Mage that seeks to slowly crush the opponent and win sometime near or during fatigue. A three-mana 3/4 is always playable even if you cant take advantage of it -- Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane never became key cards in constructed, but there were never cards that you hated to run have. The ability to add an extra Sylvanas Windrunner or Ragnaros or Archmage Antonidas to your deck can have value to this type of Mage. Freeze Mage lists are too tight to take much advantage of this card.In Shaky Zipgunner and Trogg Beastrager, we get two cards that enable a minion-type Midrange Hunter over the Secret-heavy style weve been seeing since Karazhan. Both are reasonably statted cards with decent, but not overpowering effects that will probably see more play in Arena rather than a more refined tournament deck.I love the concept of Piranha Launcher, both for the art/concept -- who wouldnt like to have a gun that shoots piranhas? -- and the novel effect it has. Problem being is that its too slow to fit into any current Hunter deck, it begs for a Control Hunter deck, but the cards just arent there for that.We start things off with the simple Mark of the Lotus, a one-mana spell giving all your minions +1/+1. Essentially, take Power of the Wild, make it one mana cheaper, but in return, remove the opportunity to summon a 3/2 Panther. Its a good buff card -- as is Power of the Wild -- but its a real cost given that sometimes you just want the 3/2 Panther. Frequently youll draw this card without a good board state for the buff. I can see decks that play two Powers of the Wild replacing one of them, but I cant see this card supplanting it entirely.Pilfered Power looks very powerful on its face, but the three mana cost is significant, which keeps it from being as good as it looks at first glance. Decks that run a lot of smaller minions, necessary to get the most value from this card, likely dont have enough large minions to really take advantage of the extra mana. And decks that would like this effect the best, if they have a large board, theyve probably already won.Lunar Visions gives a significant mana discount, a very powerful thing to have in a card game, but you also have to build a very specific type-of-deck to make this preferable to Nourish, one that is extremely minion heavy. And thats hard to do in Druid, because Wild Growth, Innervate, Wrath, and Swipe are must-haves and you could easily put in another 6-8 desirable spells in your deck, even in a Beast build. If you dont have high odds of drawing two minions, Nourish is preferable.Hey, a free 7/7! Kun the Forgotten King has a nice upside, a free 7/7 on Turn 10, but theres a serious cost as you cannot play this card at all until 10. Its not like one of the Giants that you can feasibly reduce the baseline cost, but a card that has to stick in your hand until you have ten mana. And the longer this card is in your hand, the fewer options you have in your hand to make sure you survive that long. An interesting card that might see play -- maybe well finally get a true Aviana Ramp Druid -- but this could very easily be one of the more overrated cards in the set.31 down, 131 to go! 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ETOBICOKE, Ontario -- River Maid staked her claim for the Sovereign Award as this years Canadian champion female sprinter with a gritty score under Gary Boulanger in Saturdays Grade 2 Bessarabian Stakes at Woodbine.The favored Midnight Miley dragged Rafael Hernandez to the lead in the seven-furlong sprint. She set moderate splits while being stalked Southern Ring, as River Maid rated kindly in fourth.River Maid ($11.90) went from the No. 2 path to the No. 4 path in the stretch over the outside-favoring surface, and then caught the leaders late to prevail by a neck. Southern Ring nosed out the wide-closing Minks Aprise for second, as Midnight Miley weakened along the rail to finish fourth in the seven-horse field. The final time was a quick 1:21.85.River Maid was stretching out off a third-place finish traveling six furlongs in the Grade 3 Ontario Fashion.Shes a hard-trying mare, said Boulanger, who was celebrating his birthday. She always shows up. She gives you everything she has. Three-quarters might have been a little short for her. Shed worked really welll going into this race.dddddddddddd She put me in a great position. When she was that close at the five-sixteenths pole, I thought I could have a big piece of it, if not all of it. She really dug in down the lane.River Maid, by the Ontario sire Wheres the Ring, earned $144,000 of the $233,200 purse for The Very Dry Stable and trainer Bob Tiller.Let It Ride Mom takes Glorious SongDaughters of the popular Spendthrift Farm stallion Into Mischief ran one-two in the $126,900 Glorious Song Stakes. Let It Ride Mom ($3.90) held off the charging 21-1 shot Sister Nation in the seven-furlong sprint for 2-year-old fillies, scoring by a half-length, in a time of 1:22.69.Rafael Hernandez rode Let It Ride Mom for Live Oak Plantation and trainer Mark Casse.Everything went good, Hernandez said. Last time, the horse got the lead, and just waited for the horses. This time, I waited more and made a big run. She finished strong today, and won the race. cheap falcons jerseys cheap ravens jerseys cheap bills jerseys cheap bears jerseys cheap bengals jerseys cheap cowboys jerseys cheap lions jerseys cheap texans jerseys cheap colts jerseys cheap jaguars jerseys cheap chiefs jerseys cheap rams jerseys cheap dolphins jerseys cheap vikings jerseys cheap saints jerseys cheap giants jerseys cheap jets jerseys cheap eagles jerseys cheap steelers jerseys cheap 49ers jerseys ' ' '

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