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IRVING, Texas -- Jason Garrett knew when reporters started asking five months ago that he would no longer call plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He just couldnt bring himself to say it until Tuesday -- a week after a strong hint from owner Jerry Jones forced Bill Callahan into a sheepish admission that he was the new play-caller. "We made that decision a long time ago," said Garrett, who has called plays since joining the Dallas staff in 2007. "Where I made a mistake as a head coach was making sure the communication publicly happened more cleanly. It didnt happen as cleanly as I wanted it to last week, and I take full responsibility for that." Garrett didnt do his perception any favours when he flatly refused to acknowledge what had become obvious. It gave the pundits one more chance to say Garrett was being stripped of his power by the meddlesome Jones, and therefore wasnt on board with giving up a role he kept even after he was promoted from offensive co-ordinator to head coach in 2010. Garrett said last week he didnt care about perception. He said this week hes always been on board with what he frequently calls collaborative decisions. "Just to say it one more time," Garrett said after the start of a three-day mandatory minicamp at team headquarters. "Mr. Jones, Stephen (Jones) and I, were all on the same page and have been on the same page for months and been acting that way around this building. We just hadnt said it out loud." Garrett offered something of a "trade secrets" defence for why he kept quiet for so long after the decision was made. He said he had been around coaches who never revealed their play-callers, after saying last week he just wasnt sure it was in the teams best interest for him to give up those sorts of details. Jones has long said he insisted on Garrett keeping the play-calling role when he became head coach, just as Wade Phillips did with the defence before he was fired after a 1-7 start in 2010. Then the owner engaged in something of a public debate last year with former coach Jimmy Johnson, who pointed out the virtues of a "walk-around" head coach -- one who doesnt call plays --when Garrett was being criticized for poor game management. The Cowboys won three Super Bowls with Johnson letting others call plays, but New Orleans won the title four years ago with Sean Payton handling that duty. "There are a handful of teams that have had the head coach be the acting offensive co-ordinator and calling plays," Garrett said. "They happened to be some of the best offences, so there was always that argument that we made, Some of the best guys do it this way, and so we had that tug and really have had that tug for the last couple of years. We finally decided this was the best way to do it." During game situations Tuesday, quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson stood next to Callahan radioing plays in to backup Kyle Orton, who is getting all the first-team reps in off-season workouts while Tony Romo sits out after a procedure to remove a cyst on his back. "I dont think there will be a huge change from the quarterback perspective," Romo said. Callahan is entering his second season in Dallas and has actually carried the title of offensive co-ordinator since he was hired. Hes also the offensive line coach. He called plays for Oakland, and was the head coach there as well. "We hired him because we think hes a great football coach and has been for a long time," said Garrett, who still plans on having a role in the offensive game plan. "He can really coach it from A to Z. He knows the details of things. He knows the big picture of things." Notes: Romo was among six starters to miss part of all of the first mandatory workout. DE Anthony Spencer hyperextended his left knee during off-season workouts last week and says he hopes to do more Wednesday. DE DeMarcus Ware and OG Mackenzy Bernadeau (shoulder) were limited to individual drills. OG Nate Livings (knee) and CB Morris Claiborne (migraine) were out. ... The Cowboys released CB Malik James and signed DT Jeris Pendleton, a seventh-round pick by Jacksonville last year. Gary Harris Jersey . Canada is now down to its 22-player limit, although but players wont be registered until Christmas Day. Changes could still be made as a result of a suspension or injury. Custom Denver Nuggets Jerseys . As the crowd erupted, Davis knocked the ball off the glass and back into his hands. With 1:14 to go in overtime, Davis sixth block also became his 17th rebound. That, along with his 32 points -- which tied a career high -- proved too much for Denver to overcome, and the Pelicans held on for their third straight victory, 111-107 on Sunday night. http://www.nuggetsprostore.com/kids-allen-iverson-nuggets-jersey/ . - NASCAR announced a 33-race schedule for the 2014 Nationwide Series with virtually no changes from this years slate. Tyler Lydon Jersey . LOUIS -- Cardinals cleanup hitter Allen Craig says hes recovered from a foot injury and ready to be put on St. Jameer Nelson Jersey .C. -- Todd Fiddler scored a hat trick, including the overtime goal, as the Prince George Cougars survived an 8-7 win against the Kamloops Blazers in Western Hockey League play Sunday. With an empty Coke can, a plastic bottle, or even just a stone, we used to play football. Drop down a pair of jumpers for goalposts and you have an instant pitch in classrooms, corridors, and even the little patio at my grandmas house, where I played epic matches against my sister. To form a basic game of football cost absolutely nothing. And yes, cricket too: with improvised bats from bits of wood and balls shaped from scrunched-up paper. You can pretend to be a national legend when stroking a sphere of rubbish along the floor with a rolled-up umbrella.However, if you actually take the field and formally upgrade, the financial costs of playing football and cricket rapidly diverge.Ask Durham, relegated from top-flight cricket because they couldnt balance their books.Ask mum and dad when their son or daughter picks up a bat.Ask the club cricketer walking to the crease on a Saturday afternoon, where the rising price of playing is at its most extortionate. Before even being picked for his team, the treasurer will have asked for his annual subs, and while not as wallet-emptying as joining a golf club, these could be anything from £100 upwards, along with a weekly match fee - the last time I played league cricket, this was £15 a game.Still, our amateur is eager, and he has paid his bills and is striding to the middle. Depending on whether he wants his boots to fall apart before he scores that century, or he rightly understands that his feet are precious - my dad once broke his ankle darting for a quick single when one set of spikes stuck and the others slipped - and need support, he could have forked out anything from £20 for a pair of clodhoppers to £125 for a pair of cutting- edge Asics that promise to help him run quicker between the wickets.Inside this boot is a sock - white, because no one rates a player wearing any other colour. And for a day standing in the field this sock might include ventilation channels and be constructed from choice Merino wool and polypropylene to wick away moisture and set you back £10-£15 a pair. And unless youre a cricket brute who thinks its okay to take guard in a pair of chinos, youll be wearing whites: a shirt and pair of trousers that may or may not be included in your team subs.Youre dressed for the sport and youve paid to be on the pitch. Now you need protection.Before pads, the Gentlemen and Players of yesteryear would suffer gangrene from cricket-ball welts. So you don modern leg guards that make you look like a stormtrooper, especially in addition to that brand new helmet, the second one you have bought in two seasons as your old lid didnt conform to the latest ECB British standard regulations banning movable grilles. Still, safety is paramount, and if your teeth get knocked out, your dentist becomes part of the cricket-cost eqquation, rather than the landlord after you buy that round in the pub after the game.dddddddddddd Besides, at your level, batting on the occasional minefield wicket, you need all the defence you can get against a ball weighing 5? ounces, travelling up to 90mph - not to mention costing anything from £5 (if you want to bowl with something shaped liked a potato after ten overs) to £90. You also need hand-stitched gloves (even cheap gloves are handmade, due to their design complexity) to defend your digits, and a priceless box. Finally, and most importantly - and most expensive - your bat. Your beloved blade, an extension of your body. The bat you choose represents something of your character, and perhaps your financial situation. Some men buy flashy cars in a mid-life crisis, others buy bats. Interviewed on Test Match Special this season, fellow writer Jon Hotten wondered if the pricey clefts of his team-mates would ever make more runs than they had cost in pounds. The problem is that bat quality does tend to equal bat price. You can get lucky with a bargain plank, and find the middle pings even when the grain wavers and the knots spoil the finish, but the best willow will cost.So there our club player stands, kitted out and settled up with the treasurer, ready to face his first ball of the season, a delivery that will pitch on a wicket tended and maintained by professional ground staff. Even the mangiest of park tracks will, despite appearances, have been mowed, weeded, scarified and rolled. A strip will have been painted on, sightscreens erected, and quite possibly an umpire who is not one of your mates will be adjudicating, and expecting a few quid in exchange for listening to bowlers swear at him all afternoon.Cricket costs. It drains pockets of the impoverished keen. Its simply not a cheap sport when played properly, and I do wonder how many kids from less privileged backgrounds dont get into the game because they, or their parents, cant afford it. Good schools, usually private, provide proper facilities. Bad comprehensives cant afford a manicured square and paid coaches. Vandals set fire to my own schools artificial strip a week after it was laid.Thankfully, beyond the governing bodies who ultimately dole out cash coming in from the clubs, amateur players and spectators, there are benefactors: sponsors, broadcasters, great charities, like Chance to Shine, dedicated mums and dads who dig deep so their children can take the pitch in proper whites and proper kit, and the generous clubs who subsidise the less well-heeled player.Cricket costs, but its also a sport people obsess about. A sport we love. And when were in love, we find a way. 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