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We have been living in this familiar home for six years, the school is watching us grow, and we are watching the school change a little bit. Every time we step into the campus, we are very surprised, because it is becoming more beautiful and more attractive. I still remember that the school was so simple and simple, but overnight, the magician gave it magical decorations Cheap Cigarettes, making it so special. Into the elementary school, surrounded by fragrant flowers and lovely grass, with their companionship, the campus is full of vitality, let our mood become cheerful. We used to be a naive child, but after six years of wind and rain, we gradually grew up and learned to face difficulties and face the big winds. In the first grade, I only choose to give up or rely on the help of the teacher in the face of difficulties, but I never thought about solving it myself. In the past six years, we have encountered countless difficulties. We don��t bow our heads in the face t forget it. The teacher is like a warm sunshine in the cold wind; a stove in the snow, the darkness is a star light. Everyone always compares the teacher to a hard working gardener, but we are a small flower grass. The gardener waters the small flowers and grass every day, and the teacher instills knowledge into us every day, teaching us many things every day. When the small flowers and grass are harmed by the pests, the gardeners will immediately fertilize and protect them. When we go astray and make a small mistake, the teacher will always stop us and educate us to learn how to distinguish things, not to continue to make mistakes and correct mistakes. Every time we encounter difficulties, the teacher will always stand by to cheer for us, worry for us, and find solutions for us. I forgot a drop of crystal sweat from the teacher's head. The sweat ates for accompanying me for the six-year elementary school life Marlboro Gold Pack. I really enjoyed your company. I made you understand the true meaning of friendship, the happiness of friends, and the company of friends. Happiness. In the face of difficulties, the real friend is desperate for you to solve the problem. In the fall, the real friend will cheer for you and will lift you up. I still remember that time I was not convinced, and the physical education teacher spoke up. The teacher was angry and punished me Cigarettes Online. I felt that I did not make a mistake and I did not move. The good friend said nervously at the side: "Pan Jiaqi Wholesale Cigarettes, don't talk to the teacher again. He is a teacher. Don't be afraid, we will run with you. We also have speeches. We will run with you, run ten laps. Circle, my friend is not worth ten laps." I don't know why, I have always been stubborn, I ran, everyone is panting. But they are joking on the side: "Run with you, it's worth it!" Is this a true friend? Yes, this is. They always come out when you need it, and do everything for you, just for the two valuable words "friends." In them, I learned to treat om the vast sea of ??people. Although we may not necessarily study in the same classroom in the future, in my mind, there is a part where everyone gets along and there are memories of everyone. Thank you all here, I have been with me for six years, I am very happy. Soon I will say goodbye to this happy time, this beautiful campus, this kind teacher, this classmate who left me a deep memory. The life in elementary school is so memorable, I really can't bear it, but time is so annoying, always letting everything go so fast. And I can only say in my best state Cigarettes Cheaper, with my best performance, without regret, goodbye, good life in elementary school!


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