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Haley Jones was determined to make a grand entrance. A freshman at the time, her first scrimmage with her new team, Archbishop Mitty (San Jose, California), was about to begin. Carrying a water cooler down some steps that lead to the court at Laney College gym, her big moment was minutes away.All of a sudden, you hear this big kaboom, teammate Madeline Holland said. Haley was down for a quick second, and then she popped right back up and said she was fine.Even today, in practice, you will hear a ka-thud, and its Haley, even though theres usually no one around her.Jones admits shes clumsy, but the biggest noise shes making these days is with her game.A 6-foot-1 sophomore point guard who plays all five positions for Mitty, Jones is the No. 11 prospect in the espnW HoopGurlz Terrific 25 for the 2019 class. Starting Monday, she will lead Mitty in the 20th annual Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix. The four-day event is considered perhaps the best high school basketball tournament in the nation.Mitty, ranked third in the espnW 25 Power Rankings, has four Division I-bound seniors. But Jones is considered the most promising prospect. Truth is, she would have that honor on most rosters.Those who know Jones and her game the best -- coaches Sue Phillips and Bobby Bramlett -- believe her ability to play any role imaginable on the court is rare.My nickname for Haley is Starship Enterprises, said Bramlett, her AAU coach with West Valley Basketball Club. Thats because shes boldly going where no girl has gone before.She has a relentless motor. Shes the best player Ive ever coached, and Ive coached pros.A big foundationSometimes, Jones awesomely large feet -- she wears a size 12 mens sneaker -- serve as a launching pad as she propels her body and her career to impressive heights.Sometimes, though, Jones large feet just get in the way.When Jones was 9, she won a state title gymnastics. But she already was a head taller than even her older teammates. While smaller girls had no problems maneuvering their tiny feet on the beam, which is only 4 inches wide, Jones had issues. She would fall off often, simply running out of real estate.When I would fall, Jones said, I would joke with my teammates and tell them there must have been a draft that entered the gym.Keenly self-aware, Jones quit gymnastics soon after that. It was her decision, not one by made by her parents, Patrick and Monique.I knew there must be another sport that was for me, Jones remembers thinking.That sport turned out to be basketball, of course, but at first it appeared her future would be as a soccer player.Operating as a center midfielder, Jones was good enough to make the Junior Olympic Development team as a seventh-grader.Jones has since given up soccer. But when she did compete in the worlds most popular game, Jones did so with the same flair she brings to basketball.She enjoys making the assist, Monique said. She will say to me after a game, Mom, did you see how pretty that pass was? What has long made Jones passing skills so advanced -- whether in soccer or basketball -- is her vision and anticipation.Rather than pass to a teammate, Jones has been more likely to move the ball -- with her feet or her hands -- to a spot and wait for that player to get there.A lot of people think basketball and soccer are opposites because you can use your hands in basketball and you use your feet in soccer, Jones said. But I think they go together. You have to have quick reaction time. You have to have your head on a swivel. Playing soccer against smaller girls made me quicker -- I had to keep up with their speed.Even though Jones no longer plays soccer, her former club coaches have told her the door is always open. And remnants of Jones soccer past are still evident.At basketball practice, teammate Heleyna Hill said, when the ball rolls over to her, she will just kick it up and juggle it with her body 10 times and then kick a perfect pass across the gym.Two parents, two coachesJones, who made honor roll her freshman year with a 4.0 GPA, is the daughter of two coaches. Patrick and Monique met at Santa Cruz High. Patrick, who is 6-7 -- nine inches taller than Monique -- was a Division III center at Colorado College.The couple went on to become co-coaches at Santa Cruz High for 15 years before giving up their post a couple of years ago.With two parents as coaches, Jones spent countless hours in gyms. While the older girls were practicing, Jones, even as young as 4, would be on the adjoining court, dribbling, shooting, dreaming.At home, she used a stopwatch to count how many layups she could make in 30 seconds or how fast she could dribble across the street and back. She often competed with her brother, Cameron, who is now a 6-5, 225-pound senior at Palma (Salinas, California) and plays basketball and football.With boundless energy, she played basketball and soccer, she did gymnastics and she was in a junior lifeguard program. But basketball was always the end goal for Jones. Phillips has been one of the primary beneficiaries.As a freshman last season at Mitty, Jones averaged 10.0 points and 8.0 rebounds on a balanced team that featured seven other Division I talents. The leading scorer on the team averaged just 11 points.This season, she is averaging 20 points, nine rebounds, three blocks and two assists for 4-0 Mitty.On December 10, in the championship game of the Iolani Classic in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jones scored all seven of her teams points in overtime -- a 3-pointer, an inside shot and two free throws (we told you she was versatile) -- and Mitty won the title 76-75 over previously unbeaten Clovis West (Fresno, California).Jones finished with 16 points.She has great hands, and she runs like the wind, Phillips said. Shes a delightful kid -- shes happier for her teammates success than she is her own.Ive not seen a more versatile player at her age in 25 years of coaching. And shes only 15 -- I have no doubt shes still growing.Phillips said she has fielded phone calls from virtually every top college coach in the country. Coaches from about 20 schools have come to Mitty to recruit Jones -- everyone from Connecticut to Notre Dame and many more.Bramlett also said college coaches have raved about Jones.The comments Ive gotten from coaches, Bramlett said, have ranged from saying shes the best stretch-four prospect theyve seen at her age to calling her a natural playmaker and comparing her to Magic Johnson because of her size at point guard.Jones, who, according to teammates, is humble about all the praise she gets, is interested in studying sports psychology and physical therapy.Whenever she is done playing basketball, she envisions herself having her own practice and perhaps traveling with a pro team, helping athletes rehab from injuries.Jones, at least at this point, is enjoying the recruiting process. She fills out each college questionnaire that is sent to her -- Jones sees each contact as an opportunity to learn.Its kind of why she joined the track team for the first time last season, running sprints and hurdles and doing the triple jump.I was always interested in track, Jones said. But I also did it to meet new people. Ecco Mens Dress Shoes Black . -- Edmontons Val Sweeting is two wins away from a trip to Winnipeg to play in Canadas Road of the Rings in December. Ecco Mens Sandals Clearance . Perhaps Carroll was so prepared for a break because he believes there is very little the Seattle Seahawks need heading into the off-season. "I dont see anything that we need to add. We just have to get better," Carroll said. . They hope to persuade the other team owners and commissioner Roger Goodell to put pressure on Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to drop the nickname they find offensive. "Given the way the meeting transpired," Ray Halbritter, an Oneida representative and leader of the "Change the Mascot Campaign," said Wednesday, "it became somewhat evident they were defending the continued use of the name. Ecco Mens Boots Clearance .J. Ellis hit two-run homers and the NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres 4-0 Saturday night. Ecco Mens Ennio Retro Fashion Sneaker . PAUL, Minn. When umpire Aleem Dar took his empowerment from technology to the next level, ruling Steve Smith out lbw in the WACA Test even when he was more than 2.5m down the wicket, amid the understandably heated debate, Channel 9s newest recruit and the man most in touch with contemporary cricket for them, Kevin Pietersen, made an astute point. Left-arm spinners bowling to right-hand batsmen and offspinners bowling to left-hand batsmen, Pietersen said, had brought lbws back into the game big time.Miles away, in Asia, the lbw and bowled to spinners - never mind the big turning pitches - have become the slow mens most potent weapon. More so when visiting batsmen face R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in tandem. It is often said about batting in India that it is all fine until the first one jumps at you and lobs up for a catch. With changing skills and pitches, though, the challenge of batting in India is evolving too. As Ashwin and Jadeja showed against New Zealand, and have indeed been showing for some time now, a batsman has to watch out for those two types of dismissals more than bat-pad catches or edges behind the wicket. It is a trend not limited to Indias fingerspinners: Sri Lankas spinners, led by Rangana Herath, dismantled Australia earlier this year through lbw and bowled dismissals. Over the last five years, the percentage of lbw and bowled dismissals for India spinners have gone up to 43.97 from 37.3 in years 2006 to 2010. The numbers in India have shot up dramatically since 2005: from 31.37% to 47.56% since 2011. Not just the Indian spinners, travelling spinners have benefited too: from 29.71% in the five-year period ending in 2005 to 40.51% since 2011. While the umpires have become more bowler friendly since the advent of DRS - and that effect plays out in non-DRS matches too - the numbers have actually fallen for fast bowlers: from 36.1% from 2001 to 2005 to 32.2% since 2011. This is no secret in the closed world of cricket circles. When Herath and friends were taking half of their 54 Australian wickets either lbw or bowled, the word around the visiting batsmen was: whatever you do, dont get beaten on the inside edge by a bowler meant to take the ball away from you. New Zealands coach Mike Hesson articulated this, and the challenge of batting in India, to ESPNcricinfo.In many ways it is actually natural variation, Hesson said. A lot of times you are actually not trying to bowl a straighter one. Sometimes it just lands on the leather and slides on. Other times it hits the seam and spins. You are obviously able to change the seam angle to have a little bit of control over there, but sometimes it is very accidental. That is the reality of it over here. And when it spins, it is extreme turn. You are just hoping that you play and miss.You need to be able to protect your stumps. If the ball spins past the outside edge, it is okay. We can accept that. You dont want to be beaten on the inside. Thats pretty much everybodys game plan. And around that you need to find ways to score. Iff it slides in, it is often going down.dddddddddddd. If it turns past the edge then you play and miss. And there is also a lot of balls that turn an abnormal amount. So you are dealing with three things. Thats the challenge of playing in India. Then as the game goes on, uneven bounce comes into play.Thirteen of the 27 lbws and bowleds that Sri Lanka spinners claimed against Australia were to the straighter delivery. New Zealand batsmen did much better when it came to not getting beaten on the inside: only eight of their 22 lbws and bowleds were to straighter deliveries from bowlers meant to take it away from you. Indias spinners showed great skill in finishing on the stumps by still having 22 lbws and bowleds in their 41 wickets; this 53.66% was a rise from 49.18% against South Africa last season.During the warm-ups on the third morning of the series between India and New Zealand, Ravindra Jadeja and coach Anil Kumble stood at the Green Park pitch in Kanpur and chatted. Kumble asked Jadeja to move his line for left-hand batsmen wider. The ball had started to turn appreciably now, and there was considerable rough outside the left-hand batsmens off stump. Kumble wanted Jadejas deliveries to end up on the stumps. Not that Jadeja needed an invitation to do so - he grew up listening to the wicketkeepers and captains shouting pag maan maar [hit the batsman on the foot] - but this has been the coming together of three spinners for India who just want to keep hitting the stumps again and again. It is a skill to bowl deliveries that both hit the batsman in line and go on to hit the stumps on pitches that turn so much.It doesnt translate into as many wickets for visiting spinners because the India spinners are much more accurate, and also because the India batsmen have slightly different techniques. They are adept at staying leg side of the ball, of planting their front foot down along the line of the leg stump and playing the incoming deliveries with their hands. So even when they get their inside edge beaten, because the umpire can see both the off and the middle stump, the ball is generally considered to be going down leg. Visiting batsmen try to get closer to the ball, thus plonking their front foot across and making similar deliveries look like they are hitting the stumps. When Tom Latham showed he was not going to get drawn across, denying Ashwin thdge.The drier the pitch, at lbw, Ashwin gave him the next test by moving over the wicket and successfully played on the outside ethe more the natural variation. The more accurate you are, the more the chance for the natural variation to get you wickets. Thats why India and Sri Lanka spinners have done so well, and have become a mighty challenge for visiting teams. Throw in DRS-empowered umpires who are likely to support the bowlers, and you know how fingerspin has been revived in this post-doosra world. 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