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ake the final though. Its going to be exceptionally t • Absender: riluowanying123, 26.03.2018 15:40

Seth Rollins will battle Finn Balor at SummerSlam on Sunday for the newly created WWE Universal Championship. Rollins visited the ESPN campus and sat down for an interview on the match, that fan rushing the stage at Raw, and more.Ben Houser:?SummerSlam, what are we going to see from Seth Rollins?Seth Rollins:Mostly what you can expect -- a big match, Seth Rollins, WWE Universal Championship, first time against Finn Balor. Aside from him being a tremendous opponent, I just think youre going to see me go out there and deliver in big match situations, so Im looking forward to the energy and the crowd and the match itself.Houser:?It wasnt that long ago that you came up; what is it like that you built the brand for yourself as Seth Rollins and youre about to take on a younger talent in his first big match?Rollins: Its super-exciting for me, actually, to be on the other side of the coin. You know even last year, you go back to SummerSlam and look at my match with John Cena, and I feel like were in a complete role reversal. I feel like Im in the John Cena position this year and Finn Balor is in my position, so its crazy, you know, how much can change in a year. Im looking forward to that challenge because its a new challenge for me; its not something Im used to. And now in the locker room, Im almost a veteran at this point, which is just wild with all the new guys coming up and stuff like that. For me its a tremendous honor. Its cool to be looked at that way, as a leader and as someone whos going to help take this generation to the next level.Houser: What are Finn Balors talents that you see?Rollins: In the ring, Finn Balor is one of the most polished performers that we have. Hes got a uniqueness about him the way he moves; obviously, the Demon King side of his persona is very interesting and differentiates him from a lot of the other talent that we have right now on the roster. I just think theres just something about him; hes just one of those guys where you cant put your finger on it. Hes got that, that it factor, that I cant miss a Finn Balor match.Houser:?Monday Night Raw, you were in the middle of delivering a promo -- what happened?Rollins: Uh, well, delivering a promo, talking directly to Finn Balor, calling out the Demon King, and all of a sudden to my left I see a young man slide into the ring with a hard hat on -- I had to give him a little push and make sure that he kept his distance and our security handled it. A guy whos not supposed to be in the ring, its not his domain. He was a stagehand helping out with us that day and, you know, felt that the time was right to get his 15 seconds or whatever he wanted to do in that moment.Obviously, if youre a fan and youre watching our show, please dont get in the ring. It really doesnt work out well for anybody. That guys probably going to see some jail time or some stiff consequences, and hes lucky that it ended up as peacefully as it did, to be honest with you. Really, dont try that when you come to the building. I urge it, it just doesnt work out well for you or for me. So, you know, lets just hope thats not a recurring theme.Houser: Youre performing at that moment -- what goes through your mind when you see a person who has nothing to do with the show confront you?Rollins: You just have to assess the situation quickly. Its live television. You know, obviously the promo becomes secondary. You have to make sure youre safe, that hes safe, or shes safe if its a woman that jumps in the ring, um, but you just got to make sure that everythings kosher, and then, you know, try to go on with the promo and match or the story or whatever youre trying to do there. So you just got to take a step back for a minute and make sure that everybodys cool.Houser: How do you continue on then?Rollins: You know, Im a professional. Ive been doing this for a long time, so for me it was kind of easy just to -- once I realized what was happening -- to kind of flip the switch and go back into promo mode. So it took us out of the moment for a second, but you flip the switch and youre right back in.Houser: Take me back to the injury -- what happened? What were you feeling?Rollins: Mostly uncertainty -- dread, if you will. Just feeling like I might have to vacate the title and kind of let the locker room down and take time off from a job that I love. It was a very strange feeling, you know. Ive never had an injury put me out like that before. So to just kind of -- it was almost like I was stepping outside myself watching and kind of almost emotionally distant from the whole thing. It was very, a very odd situation for me to be in.Houser: What does this match mean now that youre back and youll be able to perform at the level you had before?Rollins: I didnt wanna come back, you know, at 75 percent, I didnt want to come back even at 99 percent. I wanted to come back 100 percent, and I wanted the fans to get the full effect of Seth Rollins. For me, its going to feel almost like a cathartic experience in a way -- theres just a lot of intangibles. A lot of things go into it, and I think once we get closer -- Sunday afternoon, fans start to file in, you start to feel that energy and that heat and stuff like that, its really going to set in that, uh, that Im back. Brock Nelson Jersey . 1, meaning problems for the doping controls at both major international sports events next year. The World Anti-Doping Agency provisionally suspended the Moscow Antidoping Center on Sunday, saying its operations must improve or a six-month ban on the facilitys accreditation will be imposed. Anders Lee Jersey . - After leading the Saints to a fourth playoff appearance in five seasons, Drew Brees expressed confidence in the direction of his team and, perhaps more importantly, showed a willingness to listen to contract proposals if the team needs his help getting under the NFLs salary cap. . -- Running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings were back at practice for the Oakland Raiders on Wednesday despite being hampered by hamstring injuries. Cal Clutterbuck Jersey . -- When the Florida Panthers fell behind by two goals in the first period to the top team in the NHL, it appeared they were on their way to yet another loss. Dennis Seidenberg Jersey . The 29-year-old from Port Colborne, Ont., has nothing but good things to say about former U.S. marine Liz (Girlrilla) Carmouche ahead of their co-main event Wednesday on the UFCs "Fight for the Troops" televised card in Fort Campbell, Ky. When Eilish McColgan takes her place on the start line in Rio next month it will be a major achievement that she is able to run, let alone compete with the worlds best.The British star has endured a nightmare run of illness and injury since placing 10th in the 3,000 metres steeplechase at the 2013 World Championships -- a tale of misfortune so serious it almost led her to quit athletics for good.After switching to the 5,000m under the watchful eye of mum and 1988 silver medallist Liz, the 25-year-old McColgan is ready to defy the odds at the 2016 Games, just months after she was in too much pain even to walk.In 2014 I had some sort of viral illness, McColgan told ESPN. I had a lot of heart problems as well. I went into a condition where the heart just doesnt slow down, its like its going at 100 miles an hour. That meant for the whole of 2014, I struggled to get consistent training in.It wasnt until I took a break at the end of the season and went on holiday that the illness started to fade away. So I started to get myself into really good shape over Christmas 2014 going into 2015.The time off did wonders for McColgans health and she was finally able to return to training with the British squad at a training camp in South Africa. However, after being struck down with yet another illness, worse was to come.It was literally a couple of days after Id started running again, McColgan said. I twisted my ankle while I was out on the grass jogging. That was it. Id fractured a bone in my ankle. I couldnt believe it.My specialist said its the type of fracture hes yet to see heal naturally. Some members of the public might just leave it like that, because they dont have to return to running so many miles a week.After eight or nine months, it was obvious it wasnt healing, so I eventually had surgery. In my left foot I now have seven screws and a metal plate.Her ankle patched up, McColgan was then presented with the mental challenge of building herself back up for a tilt at Rio. But there was a problem. Her foot was not going to withstand the impact of vaulting hurdles in the steeplechase.At the start of the year I wrote down the qualifying times I needed for the steeplechase, the 5,000m and the 10,000m, and pinned them onto the wall, McColgan said.Id never done a 10km, Id only ever done one 5km, but my foot wasnt going to hold up for the steeplechase. Even though Id never done those other events, you just cant let go. I train my whole life to make the Olympic Games and something was saying to me dont be giving up.Running on her ProForm Performance treadmill, McColgan would chase those qualification times as the pain in her ankle refused to die down. As recently as Februaary this year she was hardly able to walk, and even now she is limited to running half the miles she would typically in training.ddddddddddddThe determination eventually paid off though. Taking inspiration from her mum, McColgan ran a personal best for the 5,000m in her first track race in two years at Julys British Championships, somehow dragging her body to Rio qualification.Still coached by her mum Liz -- a silver medallist in the 10,000m at Seoul 1988 and world champion in Tokyo three years later -- McColgan is determined to emulate her achievements and reach her first Olympic final, having failed to make it out of the steeplechase heats at London 2012.Its exciting to be following in my mums footsteps, she said. Shes been through a lot. Shes not been as injured as me so early on in her career, but its nice to have someone there who has been through it.My mums coached me from the word go. Without her I wouldnt even be able to call running my hobby, let alone my job. Im still amazed by her achievements, but Im now within 10 seconds of her 5k PB [personal best].McColgan, who ran a new PB to finish seventh in the 1,500m at Londons Anniversary Games last Friday, has recently been an outspoken critic of doping controls while training in Kenya. However, there was a hint of weariness when she touched on the topic again as she insisted she was focussing on her own performances.With Russian athletes banned from the track and field competition at Rio, and their countrymen in other disciplines perhaps facing the axe despite the International Olympic Councils decision against a blanket ban, McColgan will at least be facing a cleaner field next month.But after the setbacks of the past two years, perhaps just finishing the race will be triumph enough for the Briton. While some athletes may choose to dope and take the easy way out, her story is built on hard work.Im glad I persisted because there were a lot of times where other athletes would have given up, she said. Im still here and Im still going, giving it another try.Making the team was far beyond anything I could have imagined for this year. Id love to make the final though. Its going to be exceptionally tough because the Ethiopian and Kenyan girls are close to the world record day in, day out.To be on the start line in Brazil far outweighs anything I could have imagined for this year. Its strange though, as soon as you start running well again, you forget all the setbacks youve had over the years. Its going to be difficult, but thats what Im training for every day, to make that final. Cheap Jerseys Store Wholesale Jerseys 2018 Wholesale Jerseys Jerseys NFL China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2018 Cheap NFL Jerseys China ' ' '

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