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Single screw pump • Absender: yanyan, 10.06.2020 09:41

There are basically three types of screw pumps commonly used in the industry. They are divided according to the number of screws, namely, single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump. Then, let's see their characteristics and differences:

Single screw pump structure: the single head male screw rotor rotates eccentrically in the special double head female screw stator (the stator is soft), which can swing back and forth along the pump center line, and always keeps mesh with the stator.

Features of single screw pump:

1. It can transport liquid containing solid particles;

2. It can be used for almost any viscosity fluid, especially for high viscosity and non-Newtonian fluid;

3. The operating temperature is limited by the stator material.

Performance parameters: the flow rate can reach 150m3 / h, and the pressure can reach 20MPa.

Application of single screw pump: for molasses, pulp, starch paste, chocolate paste, paint, tar, paraffin, grease, mud, clay, clay, etc

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