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This finger licking food is created by barbecuing a whole pig and then mixing it all together with a thin vinegar sauce and spices. The major league baseball jerseys delicious sloppy mess is then piled into a bun along with homemade coleslaw and gobbled up with the help of a napkin or two.
Yuta Miura
looks sooooo cute
Eyal Shay
Absolutely love these sheets! They are so soft and a perfect fit for my daughters crib. The design is super sweet. After washing and drying a few times they have kept their shape and still feel super soft. Nothing better than having the peace of mind that my infant is sleeping on organic cotton.
Zac Shnaider
This is one of those CDs you never tire of hearing. However, the wrapper should have an explicit lyrics label for the two f-bombs that the producers felt were necessary to include. Good thing I listened to it before sharing it with my young grandson! Apparently, the authors of the musical wanted us to know that the Four Seasons were rough kids from a rough neighborhood, so they sprinkled the Broadway musical with about 50 "bad" words so that we would "get it". Hey, writers, we get it. That's what a good story and actors are for.
Jesica Sornoza Salazar
A great read for another girl from up North living in Birmingham AL too ??

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