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Angels’ Fell From Grace At The Box Office With An $8M+ Opening • Absender: alisa white, 19.11.2019 08:15

Turking can be deadly tedious one minute, deliriously random Online Cigarettes Store USA the next. Recently on a Reddit forum, a turker named Mohammed Talukder posted something like a prose poem about the turking life:

I don’t even know why I’m doing it I think MTurk is making me crazy following dots with my eyes ..looking at kids starving.. asking me about hotel stays..telling me to bring up past experiences of trauma … judging faces so so so many faces … watching video clips about people stealing … judging the calories for this a cat or a dog?My last tasks for Mechanical Turk consisted Newport Cigarettes Shop of looking at paintings and coming up with 10 descriptors for each one: “portrait,” “woman,” “long hair,” “archway.” The job paid 1 cent per painting.

The requester was an Austrian print dealer, Meisterdrucke, that posts tens of thousands of artworks. I told Meisterdrucke’s chief operating officer, Georg Petritsch, that it had taken me nine minutes and 15 seconds to do 10 of his HITs, for an hourly rate of 65 cents, and asked how he felt about paying people so little.

“It would be a lie to say that we find it fair,” he wrote. “But just yesterday, I saw a documentary about the Newport box 100s cigarettes ‘garbage island’ on the Maldives, where people work in burning garbage, risking their health and lives, and get $200 a month. And I guess that’s exactly what this platform is for.”

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