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partner an attempt to distract from his crimes • Absender: alisa white, 04.10.2019 11:09

“And they joined together to hurt Josie!” Cotton recalls incredulously. “It was just ironic Online Cigarettes Store USA to me when I realized that the televangelists and the New York political, gay community would come together to come down on that song. It was even banned in Amsterdam! But I do think that will go on my gravestone, because that's pretty cool. When I heard that I was like, ‘OK, it was all worth it.’”

A year before Valley Girl, Cotton fielded offers from various records labels — including IRS,
Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Sale home to the Go-Go’s — but only if she agreed to not put out “Johnny,” which had initially been released as a single by indie label Bomp! Records and had become the No. 5 single of 1981 at Los Angeles alt-rock radio station KROQ. “There was that path through the forest I could have taken, but I thought it was kind of a cop-out. I always thought like that a bad way to start, compromising with [IRS Records], even though that was the really cool label,” she says. “I wish I had actually stayed on Bomp!, because they were the only ones who really got it. They were the ones who got [“Johnny”] to be international, and they would have taken it all the way.”

Eventually, Cotton signed to major label Elektra Records, which released her excellent debut album of Spectorian powerpop, Convertible Music, in 1982. But then, she says, just as the song was entering the top 40 of the Billboard Club Play chart, Elektra panicked and “killed” the “Johnny, are You Queer?” single. “They took it off the radio. They took it from the stores. They became very afraid of it,” she recalls. “It got so political. It actually got approved on AM radio with a beep — like, ‘Johnny, Are You Beep?’ — but [Elektra executives] just Newport 100s Box said no. They pretty much killed a hit record.”

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