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Panthers tight end Greg Olsen returned to practice on • Absender: zhangzk, 21.02.2019 06:56

Thursday for the first time since fracturing his foot in Week One Cheap Luke Kuechly Jersey , but the team has already ruled him out for Sunday’s game against the Giants.Olsen suffered a similar injury to the same foot last season and missed nine games, but the screw that’s in his foot from that break helped keep this one from being as bad. He said Thursday that his foot has responded “pretty well” and believes there’s a chance he could be back in Week Six after limited participation on Thursday.“I don’t think it’s out of the question,” Olsen said, via “If everyone, the doctors and I, feel like I’m ready I’m going to play. If I can play, I’m always going to err on the side of playing. But I want to be able to play and help the team.”Olsen said he thinks dealing with the injury last year will leave him better prepared to contribute right away once he gets the green light to rejoin the lineup. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Hog Molly Report, where winning in the trenches is all that matters. Before we begin, we open with the reciting of our usual motto:In the spirit of Mr. Gettleman’s words (regardless of him having moved on) and the philosophy of building a team from the inside out, my goal will be to watch the hog mollies each game during the season and give them a grade based on their performance. This week we will look at the Carolina Panthers fourth straight loss, this time dropping another winnable game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In this game, the two fronts flipped from what happened last week, with the offensive line allowing gobs and gobs of pressure while the defensive line did enough to help keep the team in the game, though still struggled to generate four man pressure.Offensive Hog MolliesYards per Carry: 8.8 Cheap Christian McCaffrey Jersey , season: 5.5 (1st, NFL)Yards per Play: 7.3, season: 6.2 (7th, NFL)Sacks allowed: 4, season: 24 (8th, NFL)Third downs converted: 3 of 8 or 38%, season: 40% (11th, NFL)Rating: 2 out of 5 Muy mal MolliesThe Carolina Panthers continue to put up gaudy numbers offensively, but it isn’t translating to wins. Key failures at key moments are absolutely destroying this team, and this week it was interceptions. Some were due to just bad decisions by Cam Newton, but at least two had everything to do with Cam getting hit as he released the ball. The most important thing to note here on the final two interceptions seemed to be the lack of Trai Turner in the lineup, and Tyler Larsen getting kicked around by Gerald McCoy, as he tends to do to even starting caliber guards.I won’t be doing the pressure counts this week, because to be honest Cheap Kawann Short Jersey , I just don’t have the stamina to comb over every single play of this game where Cam Newton was pressured, because it was a lot. Everyone on the line had their goofs this week, and things definitely got worse when Trai Turner left the game. But here is your lengthy sack report:9:07 Q1, 2nd & 8, CAR 27- The Buccaneers bring 5, and Greg Van Roten completely whiffs on the blitzing Kevin Minter who has an unabated shot at Cam Newton.0:26 Q1, 1st & 10, CAR 43- The offensive line fails to account for Lavonte David as a potential blitzer pre-snap, and he flies off the line with no one there to touch him. He crushes Cam Newton without ever being seen.12:37 Q3, 1st & 10, TAM 12- This is the only sack of the day that was contested, and it was on a four man rush. Chris Clark gets his milk drank on a bull rush by Vinny Curry and is slammed straight back into Cam Newton, Curry cleans up the sack.2:51 Q4, 3rd & 5 Cheap Greg Olsen Jersey , TAM 44- Jason Pierre-Paul jumped the snap perfectly, and there was absolutely no way that anyone was going to be able to block him on his way to crush Cam Newton. Just a great play at a key moment by a great player, period.Pressure on Cam was overwhelming at times, and quite frankly it is a minor miracle that we were in this game to the very end. I am getting tired of writing that line, honestly. That we had plenty of opportunities to win this game and we simply didn’t get it done. This week it was bad offensive line play, before that it was bad defensive line play... it’s frustrating when the team can’t seem to fuse both together into one good complete football game.The only reason this isn’t a one hog molly game was yet another great day opening holes for Christian McCaffrey. We honestly didn’t run the ball that much in this one, but when we did, it was consistently effective. Four of McCaffrey’s ten rushes went for over ten yards, which is insane, and there wasn’t a single one for a loss.Defensive Hog MolliesYards per Carry: 3.8, season: 4.1 (T-8th, NFL)Yards per Play: 5.7, season: 5.8 (18th, NFL)Sacks given: 4 , season: 29 (T-19th, NFL)Third down allowed %: 6 of 13 or 46%, season: 40% (23rd, NFL)Rating: 3 out of 5 Haphazard HogsThe defensive line had another good day defending the rush, as other than two runs that Peyton Barber took for more than five yards, he was stuffed pretty much all day long, and often dropped for a loss. This was Dontari Poe’s best game with the Panthers to date, but overall, he has still been pretty disappointing. He’s not part of the defensive line, but it was also an excellent day for Luke Kuechly in this regard, as he snuffed out a pair of runs behind the line of four sacks today came from defensive linemen, but three out of four came on plays where the Panthers sent a blitz of some kind. The fourth was a well designed stunt that fooled the Buccs completely, but in the end was a great hustle play by Kawann Short. We had another Efe Obada sighting again today, who made an excellent hustle play of his own running Jameis Winston down from behind for a sack. It was a good look at his speed Graham Gano Jersey , he just needs to develop another move when he is engaged at the line of scrimmage. Right now, he either wins with the first one or is totally stuffed. The need for top end pass rushing talent in the draft is still extremely high, and hopefully the Panthers will be in a position to land someone who can be a high impact guy for them in year one. Unless the ever-talked-about left tackle is available, we absolutely must be in the market for pass rushers as a top priority, as I still feel the Panthers win at least three more games this year if we had rushed the passer a little better.Hog Molly of the Week: Dontari PoeIt’s not been the season we hoped for from Dontari when we signed him for pretty good money in free agency. Images danced in our heads of two unstoppable forces in the middle of the defense combining to make cleaning up sacks easy for whoever we rolled out at defensive end. This has not been the case, as teams are simply double teaming Kawann Short, instead of Poe commanding that attention. In this game, Dontari was able to be effective even when he had two men on him, and it isn’t a coincidence that as a result both he and Short notched a sack in this contest. The Panthers are going to have Poe on the roster for at least one more year, and defensive line coach Brady Hoke has been fired, so maybe we will start to see a turn around happening with Eric Washington refocusing his efforts on the big boys.

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